The third year is a fascinating one in the growth of a child and is personally my very favorite. I have never met a three-year-old I didn't just adore.

The three-year-old can do things. He can run, jump, ride a trike and go up and down stairs proficiently. He loves to run errands, and his best reward is a smile from his parents.

He pays attention to adults and watches their facial expression for approval or disapproval. He is motivated by stories, games and songs to get a message across. He is very curious and loves to talk and learn.

Social Development:

Begins to enjoy other children, but may start hitting and pushing
They may have an imaginary playmate and have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
They like to say "Me too" and "Mine."
Asks lots of questions
They are adept at reading facial expressions

Physical Development:

They like to eat and can feed themselves
May have more colds and communicable diseases
They have good use of their hands and fingers. They can pick up small objects.
They are starting to draw pictures.

Mental Development:

May be able to count to ten
Love to listen to stories
Use language to get what they want.

Task Expectations:

Pick up toys
Dress himself
Clear his plate from the table
Clean the TV screen
Dust with a feather duster
Deliver items from one room to another
Drop extra change into the charity jars at the grocery store

Put clothing away (Cut out pictures of clothing and paste on 3 x 5 cards. Tape the cards to the corresponding drawers.)

It is exciting to learn about the ages and stages of your child. If they don't do everything on the list, don't be concerned, but do be aware. This is just a guideline of what a great many children can do at that age and stage of their life.

Have fun with them. It is a great time of rapid development in their lives. Enjoy it.

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