Three Step Basic Posture is a synthesis of many years of practice of oriental disciplines (Aikido, Taichi, Zen)
Makes centering process at your "Hara" easy, steady and strong and creates harmony within yourself.
Practicing only one of these steps is incomplete. All three enables practitioner to understand deep relaxation and mind-body unification. Also to grasp Hara´s inner feeling. The following are condensed instructions for achieving Basic Posture. Basic Posture is an Mind-Body integrated posture. It enables practitioner to be alert and relaxed, to help (or perhaps generate) Total Perception. Total Perception is to perceive inside and outside of our body at the same time and is fundamental for mind-body unification and understanding of harmony.
These instructions are subtle and need to be understood by practice, not only by intellect. Only through experiencing with whole body it can be understood properly and then paulatinely integrated by constant practice. Practice is adviced to be carried on with a partner in order to help each other and get and give feedback.

Step 1.

Elevate on your toes. So after one or two times, get feeling of inner centerline of balance. You should be able to keep balance relaxedly even with eyes closes. Then return to normal (full foot touching ground) but heel doesn´t has weight, only touches ground

Step 2.

Correct lower & upper spine position. Lower spine is corrected trough "nutation" movement. Basculating pelvis forward in order to align perineum center point with center line achieved in Step 1.
Upper spine is properly positioned when arms float over shoulders

Step 3.

Hara breathing. Create vital feeling at Hara (lower abdomen) by special breathing. This sprecial breathing is achieved when you are capable to breathe until very end of lower abdomen, at perineum and buttocks. You can test it with partner´s help. Putting both his hands on yourbuttocks. If breathings is properly done, then while your abdomen and chest remain not moving with breathing, partner can feel distinct pressure at buttocks, as if air is really reaching there and expanding the back of the waist.

So keeping proper inner centerline, correcting lower & upper spine and putting breathing into Hara are the Three Steps Basic Posture.
This is basic posture for all other exercises of Epigenetic Training. Should be properly trained until becomes a continous presence, like a second nature.

Author's Bio: 

Adrian Kertesz was bron 47 years ago. Is a psychiatrist ("shrink") and aikido instructor (3rd Dan) of Ki Society Internacionale. Psychiatry Specialist Title (APSA, 1997, Buenos Aires). Lived in Japan where studied Kiatsu (energy treatment) and Ki Aikido, at Ki Society School (Tohei Koichi Sensei).
Curently developing Epigenetic System, Integral practice for creation of High Value Relationships Environments. Epigenetic System fields of application: inner growth, psychotherapy, human problem solving, enhancing various skills (sports, arts, communicational, teamwork, leadership, stress management)