Ever wondered how some students seem to accomplish so much with so little time? It doesn't seem fair, does it? We all get the same 24 hours. Yet they are able to get more done than the rest of us? And meanwhile, here you are, scrambling to finish just one of the many assignments on your desk as the feelings of frustration begin to build.

The trick to accomplishing all your assignments is to use good time management techniques, which means properly organizing and scheduling your activities. Doing this will enhance your productivity and ability to meet deadlines. Here are a few tips on time management for students to help them better manage their time and resources to boost their overall productivity.

Time Management Technique #1 - Keep a Journal

Now we are not talking about a journal where you write down your most inner feelings and deepest thoughts. It is a journal where you can list all of your assignments, appointments, and activities that you need to get done. Your journal could be a simple notebook or notepad, or you may use an organizer or even mobile devices if you are tech savvy.

Carry this journal with you at all times - to classes, group meetings, appointments, etc. Doing so accomplishes two things. First, you will always have one place to jot down all the assignments and due dates that come up throughout the day, week, or month (and do write everything down, even if it seems small and unrelated. If it must be done, then get it in your journal). Second, by having everything in one place, you need only look at your journal anytime you need to remember important dates, deadlines, and meetings.

A journal also helps you budget your time. Since you have listed all the resources, deadlines, and priorities for each project in one place, it is easy to see what tasks need to get done and when; and how much time you should budget to accomplish a given task. As you can see, having a journal and carrying it with you at all times allows you to record everything in one place, which helps you to remember important dates and budget your time wisely.

Time Management Technique #2 - Work Smart, Not Hard

After a teacher gives you an assignment, you may be tempted to buckle down and start working on the project immediately. Although, this seems like a good thing to do because you are not procrastinating, it could actually be counterproductive.

As we mentioned, the technique here is to work smart, not hard. And working smart means planning before you start. Planning could involve thinking, conceptualizing, and visualizing how your project should be executed or how you want the end result to look. Planning could also involve finding ways to reduce redundant and repetitive tasks within the project.

You can save a lot of time and effort from planning. With planning, you identify the time wasting tasks you can avoid and focus on what you need to do. A little extra planning in the beginning can save a whole lot of time in the end.

Time Management Technique #3 - Make Sure to Get Some Rest

When we think of time management for students, the things that come to mind are scheduling classes, reading assignments, meeting with groups, and preparing for finals. But you never hear about improving other areas of your life that directly influence your ability to use the time, energy, and resources you have more efficiently.

One such example is getting enough sleep. Pulling an all-nighter once in a while should be okay, but pulling all-nighter after all-nighter will drain your energy and decrease your productivity. By getting enough quality sleep each night, you will replenish your energy and be more alert throughout the day and for the tasks at hand.

So make sure to rest up and get the right amount of sleep. Also make sure to take frequent, but short breaks to re-energize yourself. Being alert and recharged exponentially improves your efforts because it enhances all other areas of time management you are trying to put into place.

Time management for students is only as effective as how well you plan. We all want to get more work done in less time, enjoy more personal time with friends, and of course, we all want to spend more time to have fun. All of these things are possible if you employ the time management techniques discussed here - keep a journal, work smart by planning ahead, and make sure to rest up. Follow these tips, and you'll always find time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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