Feeling toxic? Finish eating by 8pm so your natural cleansing cycles have a chance to operate instead of being suppressed by digesting food. To learn more read on ….

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Have you ever heard of circadian rhythms? Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, 25th Edition, defines circadian as: “…the rhythmic repetition of certain phenomena in living organisms at about the same time each day.”

Here on earth, these rhythms are linked to day/night cycles. Different activities need to happen in your body during the day as opposed to the night.

For instance, in the morning your adrenal hormone cortisol is at it’s highest – most likely to get you out of your warm and cozy bed! At night cortisol is at its lowest so you can slow down and go to sleep.

Food fuels the get up and go cycle doesn’t it? Ever notice when you’re tired that a quick bite of food can give you an energy boost? Based on that fact … is it sensible to eat when it’s getting dark out and bedtime is approaching? You’ve probably answered no and if so, you’re correct.

After eating, the majority of digestion completes in a couple of hours. And when your body’s digesting other activities must be set aside.

Did you know -- as part of your circadian rhythms -- you’ve got an internal cleansing cycle? Your liver asserts itself at about 10 PM and does the clean up work on offending substances that entered your body during the day from air, water, food and drink.

If however, you ate dinner after 8 PM … or couldn’t resist that late night snack …. your liver won’t able to do its clean up job because your body’s still busy digesting food.

So for better health and vitality … wouldn’t it be nice to give your body a present of eating in harmony with your natural circadian rhythms?

Worried about being too hungry at night? If you eat enough food during the day, you’re less likely to crave food late at night. Here’s the best way to make your body happy … eat breakfast within one hour of waking up, eat at least three meals a day, and finish eating by 8 PM.

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Dr. Linda Berry has been helping people find their way back … to when they really felt good for a quarter of a century. She knows how because at the age of 24 she was paralyzed from the waist down from an automobile accident. Before that, she was a dancer, choreographer, and a purple belt in Karate. Dr. Linda rose up from her wheelchair to help others heal with chiropractic, nutrition, and trauma healing. Her book Internal Cleansing has been in print for 20 + years. To learn more visit www.DrLindaBerry.com. To turn stress into a mighty fuel to power your life download www.drlindaberry.com/InnerSmile.mp3.