Many people confuse being self-effacing with politeness. When complimented, instead of saying a simple thank you, they disparage the compliment. Someone says, "That's a nice dress you're wearing." And the reply often is, "Oh, this old thing? I don't know why I put it on." This is possibly because they have been taught that accepting compliments is somehow akin to having a sinful pride. I'm not saying anything is wrong with their teaching. I'm just wondering if maybe they've grown past their upbringing and are ready to rethink where their lives are headed. I mean, if it is a pretty dress, a person can enjoy and acknowledge the compliment with a simple, *Thank you. I like it too.*

Realize that you can at this very moment make major changes in your life merely by changing your thoughts. Decide that you are worthy of the compliments coming your way.

*** If you don't feel that is the case, decide when it will be. Ask yourself just exactly when will you be worthy of the compliments? Look forward to that day. Prepare for it now.

Begin to speak with confidence of yourself and your abilities. This is not boastful, it's just common sense. Remember that what you give your attention to is what you manifest, and if you are stressing the negative you will be manifesting it.

Monitor what you are saying during the course of a day, and make corrections. Steering true means speaking true. Suppose you really do feel inadequate about something. Instead of saying, "I can't . . " or "I'm afraid . . " say "I am learning a new skill" or "I am now about to undertake something that is entirely new to me." Find the truth and speak it.

Think of the times when you were a child and you heard words that wounded you, even if said casually, that still hurt you today. Why are you letting it?

If words can wound, they can also heal. Every negative word you have ever heard can be changed into a positive. And if you take nothing else from this, but the knowledge that words have great power, you have achieved plenty. Whatever words you choose to tell yourself are accepted by your subconscious mind as truth. Do not let negative lies become your truth.

If you suffer from a poor self-image, get up right now and go to the mirror and look yourself in the eye and say, "You are a wonderful person! Look at all you have done! Look at all you can do!" Then name your accomplishments AND your potential. Say all of this with utmost sincerity, for it is the truth. Repeat this affirmation every morning and every evening religiously for one month and you will be amazed at what a difference you will see. If at first the idea of praising your accomplishments yourself seems silly or ridiculous, do it anyway. Very soon you will make such a positive connection to your real self that it will feel right.

Change your outlook, change your life.

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