Even if you have completed a course of therapy and treatment, you need to ensure that you will not have an anorexia relapse. An anorexia eating disorder is a deep-seated problem of the mind. It is likely that you find it hard to be happy with yourself and the way you look. You are often critical about yourself and have a desire to take on punishing behaviors. This is why you have to undergo therapy to treat an anorexia eating disorder in the first place. However, do note that therapy will not treat the causes of anorexia. Any complete recovery still has to come from within. It all depends on yourself, the way you think and improving your self esteem. Although you may not be in any immediate health danger, you need to take steps to ensure that you do not have an anorexia relapse.

The main thing that you need to look into is to think about why you became anorexic in the first place. What were you trying to achieve with the weight loss? Love and acceptance from family members and/or friends? If you think about this in comparison to the things you already have, you will realize that being really thin is insignificant. There are better ways to get the things that you thought you could get from losing weight.

On the other hand, if the media has influenced you, then you should avoid the media. This may mean that you have to give up watching the TV shows such as Project Runway or fashion magazines that depict thin models. Instead, nourish your mind with self improvement books and workshops that emphasize on self healing and building your confidence.

To deal with your anorexia eating disorder and to prevent a relapse, you need to form a meal plan. You do not want to limit the amount of nutrition that you intake though. Instead, you should make sure that your body has a wide variety of foods. This will ensure that you get all of the nutrients you need. As such, you should eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables. They will provide you with the vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

Including a moderate amount of exercise in life will help you to stay in good shape and help with these anorexia symptoms. Of course, you do not want to exercise excessively. Nevertheless, engaging in a thirty to sixty minute workout three to five times a week will keep you in shape and make you feel good about yourself.

If none of these helps you with your anorexia symptoms, talk to your doctor. Tell him that you are having anorexic thoughts again. If you do not think that the first treatment was beneficial, try a different form of treatment.

You should never give in to an anorexia relapse. An anorexia eating disorder can kill if you allow it to happen once again. Your previous symptoms may have already caused enough damage to your body internally. A relapse will be disastrous! Hence, you should always take your anorexia eating disorder seriously. Speak to a doctor when symptoms arise. Take steps to ensure that you are mentally and physically occupied and away from the desire of wanting to be rail thin. It is possible to recover forever from anorexia but you must have the will power and determination to make this happen.

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