Carol Lee Bratter, the award-winning author of "Links to Understanding: A Guidebook for Intentional Professionals Working with Aging People" and member of the Minnesota Board on Aging, warns us that life as we know it now is changing with the aging of the baby boomer generation.

"The U.S. population age 65 and over is expected to double in size within the next 25 years," says Bratter. "The issues facing our increased aging population and the people who care for them are extensive. In the now crisis of family care giving, self-care is mandatory. Resources are inadequate and declining while numbers of caretakers and funds needed are increasing."

Through her book and public speaking, Ms Bratter shares her expertise and insights on positive aging, caring for yourself, leaving a legacy, and forgiveness to those who are care giving, counseling or advising the aging. She offers solid thinking and inspiring guidance as we face ever-expanding issues of aging in our workplace, homes and in ourselves. According to Carol Lee Bratter, longevity can be increased by the positive self perception of aging. These are the goals of positive aging:

- To remain aware that the failure to choose/decide or to act - to age positively, to forgive - can be poisonous to our spirit, toxic to others, and contaminate our relationships.

- To hold the right intention and choose the right action, in an attitude of human equality, mutual respect, and a desire to create and sustain healthy relationships.

- To make right and effective use of our personal power, as reflected in ethical, morally sound choices.

- To acknowledge mortality as reality, treating life as a gift.

- To meet the fear of growing older and of death with courage and faith, because facing our fear releases life-energy and makes further growth possible.

- To foster spiritual resilience through the process of life review, wherein we distill and clarify our personal beliefs, let go of old debris, and harvest the meaning of our life experiences.