I am sure that most of you are wondering what there is to organize inside of a vehicle; your trunk is clean, there is minimal space in the glove compartment and the inside of the vehicle is shining. Let me tell you about the little extra's that will make your vehicle 100% organized and give you easy tips to accomplish just that!

Glove Compartment
Clean out this area and get rid of all unneeded junk, you probably have more things in here than what you really need.

All that should be in here is;
1. your cars manual
2. State map and local map
3. An envelope to hold receipts that you need to keep (empty
4. A container with change for parking meters or tipping the
parking attendant
5. Flashlight

Visor Organizer
1. Inside the visor organizer, you will keep all of the
important legal papers that you may need, such as;
vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
2. a small notebook with this information; (this may also
kept in the glove compartment)
a. What type of replacement parts you may need along with
the information for that part.
b. The last time maintenance was done on the vehicle such as
oil changes
c. Any parts that were replaced on the vehicle with the
date, month and year of replacement. Such as tires, fan
belts, fuel pump, water pump etc.
d. A fuel consumption log ( make sure you are aware when
your car is eating gas)
3. A Pen or Pencil and small notebook (this could hold
the fuel consumption information also)

Trunk Organizing
1. A jack
2. blanket and snow brush
3. can of instant tire inflate
4. small box of tools with an adjustable wrench and
5. Jumper cables
6. Grocery Bin or a box to help keep the Groceries from
rolling around

Inside Vehicle Organization
1. air freshener
2. garbage bag (small size)
3. Paper Toweling for cleaning the windows (under the seat)
4. Handy Wipes for those sticky messes (under the seat,
behind the seat bag or in the glove compartment)
5. An over-the-seat organizer to hold little extra's such as
Kleenex, cough drops, handy wipes etc.

Outside Vehicle Organization
1. Check the water in the radiator (especially during the
hot summer weather)
2. Fill the windshield wiper solvent
3. Check for cracks or breaks in hoses and on belts
4. Keep your gas cap tight

Happy motoring the organized way!

Author's Bio: 

Jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer that gives you hints and tips to help to take the stress out of life. Read more tips and hints at her websitehttp://www.organizingandcleaning.com.