Success often eludes us. Even when we reach our desired destination, the joy of achievements is short-lived. Every time a person is asked, "When will you be successful?" the general response is, "Some time in the future." Rarely does someone confidently claim success today.

The problem is not that humans are incapable of achieving. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be an affluent society. What lies crushed beneath the mountains of worldly triumphs is a lack of personal fulfillment.

As we go through the process of molding ourselves into the ideals of society, we lose our unique signature and success is reduced to opinions and evaluations of others. When we are willing to rise above society's eyes of judgment, we come face to face with the vision of our unique signature where true success is born.

Personal fulfillment is possible when we dare to create our unique signature.

We are all born with a unique and extraordinary signature. However, we adopt restrictions from labels and comparisons that make us ordinary. Conflicting inner doubts deplete our ability to realize our greatness.

Knowledge to attain our greatness is in the depths of our inner being. To reach this deep-seated greatness requires courage, persistence, perseverance and letting go of adopted judgments and preconceived notions. Each one of us is born unique. There never was, nor will there ever be, another you. The key is to take charge of who you are and let go of the mold that society wants you to fit into.

By believing in your innate greatness, you can empower the self to reach the pinnacle of success that is balanced with personal fulfillment and worldly triumph.

Begin the journey by planting the seed of desire for becoming one with your inner greatness. We have all felt that greatness at one time or another. Have you ever said something so profound that you were blown away by your own statement? Have you ever come up with a wondrous idea that left you dumfounded? This is how Michelangelo felt about his paintings, Beethoven about his music, Martin Luther king Jr. about his vision or Einstein about his insights. Inner greatness -- or, as some call it, inner genius -- flashes during the moment we lose all notions and step into the unknown mind.

Great words or ideas are the unique signatures created from what has never been before: the unknown mind. When one begins to expand the capacity to stay open to these immaculate encounters, one reaches the pinnacle of success from the inside out.

Here are ten tips to help you reach the pinnacle of success from the inside out:

1. Define success in terms of who you are, not what you have or have not accomplished.

Where you have been, more often than not, is a borrowed concept. Even though it was great for survival, there is something greater within you that seeks expression. Tapping into who you are requires searching for your innate talents. One way of beginning the search is to look closely at heroes, leaders or artists who most inspire you. What traits do you admire in them? Chances are those traits are the hidden gems in you.

2. Before creating a vision of success, become intimate with what it means to be successful.

If the image of success does not inspire and nurture you, chances are approval of others is more important than the vision. Becoming intimate with an authentic vision of success requires spending time on inner reflection, contemplation, value assessment, meditation, and self-awareness.

3. Align your actions to your personal definition of success.

Once you have identified your definition of success, map your daily actions to your vision.

4. Measure your success by how you feel, not by what you have obtained.

Success is how well you are able to conquer life's challenges and bounce back. Most of us define success by measuring what we own. True success is a balance of thinking positively, being happy and doing what you love.

5. Become one with your vision of success.

Just as Tiger Woods becomes one with the swing before he hits the ball, be one with your vision. Being one with the vision is inspiring and energizing.

6. Create a mentorship with someone who personifies success and believes in your potential.

It is crucial to have a mentor or coach who can inspire you and be the igniting force for your vision.

7. Invest time daily in an activity that inspires you.

Have you become so busy that you have forgotten to sing and dance? What activities inspire you? Watching the sun rise, perhaps, or reading, hiking or other pursuits? It is important to schedule time with yourself for an activity that provides a wellspring of inspiration and energy.

8. Expand your horizons.

Learning expands our horizons. What does your heart desire to learn that you were not able to in school? Real learning begins only after we have graduated from school and college. There are no limits to what you can master.

9. Believe in yourself.

Belief is the strongest force. It can overcome any hurdles you encounter.

10. Create a success mind map.

The mind can become overwhelmed with the number of thoughts it generates every minute. Empower your mind by creating a mind map that includes your vision as the destination point and all your actions as pathways to reach the vision. A visual mind map reviewed on a regular basis provides focus, attention and direction.

Small steps taken daily will build momentum. Before you know it, you will walk, breathe and exemplify authentic success.

By Neerja Bhatia
International Trainer, coach and
Author of Bliss Is in Knowing the Self

Author's Bio: 

Neerja Bhatia has more than 15 years of experience in business development, marketing and training. Her training background includes, delivering programs on such topics as emotional intelligence, leadership, customer service, situational coaching, change management, and communication.

Neerja is known for creating a life altering experience by helping individuals see through the not so obvious, the root cause of problems. Her keen sense of awareness provides clarity and focus for her clients. Her expertise is in providing simplified and experiential approach to problem dissolving.

Her clients have included Philips International, Boehringer Inglehiem, Schering Plough, Purdue, Zuric Re, Wolter Kluwer, Microsoft, Bridgeport Hospital, Selfcorp, Qwest and many more.

What makes Neerja unique is her ongoing research and unbreakable belief in human greatness. She believes that once we begin to unleash our greatness, we become extraordinary. The unleashing is initiated through self awareness. We are born impeccably astonishing, however, the restrictions and fears we adopt while growing makes us ordinary. We break free when we let go of the inherited fears.

Neerja’s formal studies included Business Management from the University of Calgary and her passion includes studies of psychology and consciousness. She has published ‘Bliss is in Knowing the Self’ a book on self-awareness and is in the process of publishing her second book on topics related to leadership, honor and human greatness.

Neerja lives in Stamford, Connecticut with her husband and her two children who are now in college. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, cooking and walking in the nature.