Thanks for following along with me on my mobile office through the state of Florida! Previously, we were in Walt Disney World. As I write this we're at the Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida.

Listen, we just got out of a presentation—a 40-minute IMAX film, one of those 3-D things where we were talking about, and seeing about, and learning about the International Space Station. You know, we can learn our lessons for our businesses, for our personal achievement, from anywhere.

And certainly, the vision of conquering space, of entering into space to colonize, to learn more about Earth, to learn more about medicine and science, is a phenomenal event.

Of course as you know, Russia and the U.S. have led the race into space. The Russians were the first in space, when on 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth successfully for the first time in human history.

If you're like me, an American, you know the vision on this side of the globe began with John F. Kennedy, when we entered the space race with an oath to put a man on the moon before the decade ended.

But I tell you what, seeing this thing about the building, over time, of the space station—the international cooperation is incredible. There are astronauts from Canada, from Italy, from, of course, Russia and the U.S., and Japan. And there are more! It’s truly an international venture, as it should be! For all humanity.

Each of these astronauts has a dream, and a vision inspires them. Some of them are inspired by the earliest events in the space race, and the MasterMind, the planning, the different trips that they took, the stages that they made.

The Soviets set up the very first part of the space station, then the Americans started flying their Challenger missions and the Space Shuttle.

Which by the way, being in Florida, I did just get to see one launched – Space Shuttle Discovery. Phenomenal sight, the first time I've ever seen one live… and I saw the boosters drop away, burning off separately. Beautiful, spectacular, awe-inspiring.

This whole thing, the coordination, the imagination, the dream, the planning, the MasterMind—I definitely encourage you to apply these principles and all the principles of The NEW Think and Grow Rich—but these are the most massive—to accomplish things that are literally out of this world.

That literally is making your future today. There are billions and billions of stars and galaxies—and we've only just begun!

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