Snooping is probably one of the biggest mistakes one can make in a relationship. Most of us are guilty of it, although some would rather die than admit it. At one point or another, most people resort to digging through a partner’s personal effects, trying to find proof because of suspicions. Sure, you might unearth a 10 year-old innocent love letter to build your case on, but it won’t be the cause of conflict in your relationship—your snooping will, for sure. The evidence that you found will hardly matter, because the real crime is your snooping, which could harm and even break your partner’s trust.

Is snooping normal? Probably, because most of us are curious about our loved ones. The desire to be absolutely sure that we can really trust the person who holds our heart is normal. If our partner is not being honest or faithful, we worry that we will end up with a broken heart. Often the process of invading a loved one’s privacy is caused by a nagging curiosity and a belief so great that one simply can’t help but snoop. In order to prove that one’s intuitions are correct, he/she might go through a partner’s private papers, desk and private drawers; checking through phone call lists, breaking into his/her email and viewing one’s online activities are also common.

Rummaging through a lover’s personal belongings can automatically flip a mental switch in one’s head, and searching for an artefact that can be used as evidence that the other person has been actually deceptive becomes a goal. If one finds a proof, no matter how innocent, it can still be turned into something major. And, it’s not surprising if you find something you don’t like, because that’s what you have been looking for in the first place. Do you actually think that digging out your partner’s private life will help your relationship? Actually, no. It will only cause harm, and don’t be shocked if your significant other is completely irritated with your snooping.

If you thought that unveiling his/her “sins” would make your lover to break down, beg forgiveness and reaffirm his/her love for you, then you’re in for a shocker. Things rarely usually turn out this way; instead of being more open with you, your partner will only retreat into more isolation. So whose fault is it if you can’t go inside your partner’s emotional doors? There are no locked doors in a healthy and loving relationship. There are no hidden secrets from one another, and no cause for future snooping. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a personal life; it simply means that neither is hiding things nor keeping secrets in purpose.

As a result, trust can flourish up to the point that the other person will have no room for doubts and no desire to snoop. However, one doesn’t need intuition to figure out if a partner is up to something. There are a lot of telltale signs of dishonesty that are easy to spot. If you have reasons that urge you to snoop, discuss them with your partner. Every person deserves the benefit of the doubt anyway.

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