Everyday the Internet, television, radio and newspapers report a worsening economic situation and people read or watch while hyperventilating and getting more and more depressed. That is, most people. However there are some who are sitting back and viewing this situation with calm.

But they are not glued to the bad news day in and day out.

Did you realize that during the Great Depression in the USA not everyone suffered? Not everyone is struggling now. Many people thrived during the Great Depression and many will thrive now in this current global economic crisis. The difference is in how you react to it.

How you choose to react makes all the difference.

I recall the day I learned, really learned, that the rich and the poor think differently. The rich think in terms of opportunities and the long-term. The poor focus only on the day to day. Which one are you?

Obviously, it is the long-term vision that gets you on the track to success. But then how do you live everyday? How do you deal with each new event in the current situation?

You focus on the now and your sphere of influence. You focus on what you can do within that and look for solutions. When the dark moments arrive, light the candles. Make a fire in the fireplace. Get the oil lamps lit. Start a bonfire. Just because the electricity is not working does not mean you have no options at your disposable.

Once you have the light back, get back to doing what you must to keep things going for you and for your family and if necessary, for your company and your employees. Stay open to possible solutions – these are the opportunities.

You should also stop filling your mind with negativity. Stop watching the news, reading the news and listening to the news late at night. I once visited with temporarily with someone. But I visited for a lot shorter time than they or I would have liked, because I found it maddening and depressing that they had the TV news blasting for THREE hours every day – including during dinner. That is, if you count only weekdays, 15 hours of NEGATIVE NEWS per week, and one-third of it is taken in while trying to eat!! Talk about indigestion.

It is not being informed; it is not intelligent; it is not wise to take in all that negative news of war, economic strife and disaster, crime, etc.

What we view and read forms images in our mind. It is important to guard your mind. Fill it with positive images and thoughts. Read literature about success and prosperity and those who have achieved it. Find things online which are edifying, not stories about someone’s pain and strife and how the world is on the verge of collapsing.

If you are keeping your personal road well-lit, looking for an opening in each seemingly “closed” situation and filling your mind with positive news and events, you will thrive in the current economic crisis because you will have transformed it from chaos to opportunity.

These kinds of economic times are also perfect for taking the time to get more education. Enroll in a community college or university. Find a way to get some continuing education courses at work. You can sign up with me for coaching. You will learn the principles and laws of success and how to apply them to your life and your specific circumstances. You will learn how to successfully thrive through “hard times”. You will make strides in your personal and professional life. Coaching is the way to get not only education but personal support in applying what you are learning.

Author's Bio: 

Barrett Clemmensen Powell is an intercultural coach/trainer and a lifespan consultant with an academic background and experience in psychology, theology and journalism. Barrett's focus is on Success Coaching incorporating the Law of Attraction. Primarily based out of Copenhagen Denmark and La Jolla, California (USA), Barrett lives and works with individuals and companies/organizations in the USA and Europe as a coach, coordinator and trainer. Contact her by email or call for a session.