Leading career authority known as America's Career Maker, Barry Layne has released an in house study on the top 10 ways to cope with and survive a horrible boss during the economic downturn presently worldwide. Bosses who embarrass you in front of co-workers, tolerate inappropriate behavior and will not stand up for you on critical issues should clearly be considered a terrible boss. They will even take credit for you hard work, and encourage rivalries that causes everyone to be on edge at the office. This type of behavior can take a severe toll on the employee, especially when the economy is bad and many other negative financial concerns are at the forefront, both at home and in the office.

- Try to keep your confidence and spirits up. Avoid taking this boss problem personally

- Respect the title of your boss, even if you can not respect him/her.

- Do not go over your boss's head. That behavior could get you fired.

- Try to manage upward, opening lines of communication with other company managers

- Analize how your boss receives information best, and rely primarily on that form of communication

- Start looking for a new job. It is so much easier to tolerate the behavior if you believe it is only temporary.

- Do not quit, unless you can surrive at least 4-6 months without a paycheck.

- Kill your boss with kindness. Try to build some rapport, you may want or need him/her for a reference later.

- Do not tell all at the exit interview. Always remain calm about your reasons for leaving and provide documentation of your superior's excesses.

- Never complain about your past bad bosses during a job interview.

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Barry Layne advises career management consulting firms throughout the US and Canada. For more information contact 800-547-5112. Career management firms are not employment agencys. They guide clients through a process of career training and development; which often results in a promotion or new position.