Cat scratching is not something most people are ready to handle when getting a cat. People get cats on the fact that they are loving pets but independent as well. This is completely true however, cats scratch out of necessity. it helps them relieve stress, marks their territory, and keeps their nails groomed.

Don't get discouraged and give up on your feline friend. The problem with scratching is that they scratch your valuables. Well, there are 4 proven solutions to your cat scratching issues.

#1: Do Not Declaw

Not too long ago people use to see declawing their cat as a humane and easy way to stop cat scratching. Nothing can be further from the truth. Declawing your cat is a process where they remove their fingers from the first joint down. Needless to say this surgical procedure is no day at the salon.

It also causes many other more severe problems like balance issues, and later in life painful joint problems in the rest of the paw and their legs. A humane way to stop cat scratching without training is to use nail caps. Nail caps are made of vinyl, and are kept in place with a little non-toxic adhesive.

#2: Don't Punish

Physical punishment on a cat never works. They simply don't understand why you are smacking them around. They don't associate the punishment with their actions. Your cat associates the punishment and pain with you.

The only thing physical punishment does is makes your cat avoid you instead. Try to use an indirect way to startle your cat. Try clapping your hands, or even a spray bottle. Don't let them associate you with the punishment.

#3: Provide an Appropriate Scratching Post

If you want to stop your cat from scratching and are willing to take the time to train them. Get them an alternative to your furniture. Get a scratching post and praise them when they use it.

Different cats prefer different types of surfaces. A popular surface is a carpet covered scratching post. Plus, your cat is going to want to stretch out on it so make sure it is tall enough for them to do that on.

If you want to make this process easier and more appealing to your cat cover the post in catnip. This will not only entertain them, but you as well.

#4: Trim the Nails

Trimming your cat's nails is no easy task, but it can be done. This is definitely a two-person job, and for this reason many will opt to take their cat to the vet to have this done, which is perfectly acceptable and possibly preferable as you don't want your cat to associate this negative experience with you.

It is important to remember that when a cat scratches it's not to cause you any stress, or frustration. It is a natural behavior they don't understand upsets you. Keep a clear head, and be patient. After taking this helpful advise you and your cat will be happier and have a much stronger bond.

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