1. Take time for yourself on a regular basis. Perhaps you might take a long bath, read, have quiet time alone or whatever feels good for you. You will be feel good about yourself and more relaxed and energised to enjoy your life more fully.

2. Ask people to help you. Choose 3 things today that you can receive help with and ask for it. You will have less to cope with and get done, can stop being a hero who does it all and leave the other person feeling important with a sense of responsibility.

3. Exercise. Choose a level and an amount that feels right for you, which could start with a 5 minute walk and build up from there. Exercising will help to relieve your stress and will leave you feeling great about yourself.

4. Get sufficient sleep. The amount of sleep required by individuals varies and so check with yourself when you wake up in the morning whether you feel tired or energised and vary your amount of sleep accordingly. You will feel refreshed, mentally alert and at your most capable to deal with and enjoy your day fully.

5. Eat healthy and nutritious food. You might try choosing fresh fruit at times in preference to high sugar foods. When you eat healthily you are giving your body the best and this will leave you with more energy, valuing and caring for yourself properly.

6. Learn to say no. A straight forward “No” is best although if this feels difficult at first try, “No, my time is committed elsewhere.” Saying no is a skill to learn, takes practice and you can do it pleasantly. You will never please everyone and accepting this will reduce the pressure you put on yourself.

7. Quit worrying. It’s a sheer waste of energy and probably 90% of what you are worrying about will not happen. Take this energy and use it to solve the problems that are causing you to worry.

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