Ever since I've discovered the Emotional Freedom Techniques and experienced how life-changing they can be, I have had a passion for sharing them with others. I decided to learn from the best about the most effective ways to get results.

I've spent over a year learning about EFT; researching, listening to teleseminars, radio programs and reading articles. I paid close attention to everything and I took a lot of notes.

Now I'm sharing the most valuable EFT tapping tips that I have found for people who want to get the most out of using the Emotional Freedom Techniques on themselves.


1. Drink a full glass of water before
tapping to stimulate and prepare
your body's electrical system

2. You can tap down either side of
your body with either or even
both hands, or try alternating

3. Don't tap too hard. Use the same amount
of pressure you would as if you were
drumming your fingers on a table.

4. Take a slow deep breath after you
complete a round of tapping to help
move the energy through your body

5. Yawning during tapping is a sign that
you are releasing energy, so let
out the yawns and keep going

6. When you tap along with a group of others
(either live or via recording), you will
experience "borrowing benefits" whether or
not you are the "primary tapper".
So always tap along.

7. The key to tapping is to "tune in" and always
ask yourself "How does this make me feel?"
and that will be your guide.

It's actually common for people to have anxiety about not knowing what to say when they tap for themselves. The good news is - there isn't a wrong way to do EFT, you can't make a mistake or hurt yourself.

If you're having issues about knowing what to say, then choose from these powerful EFT affirmation phrases to help you move forward. These examples were drawn from actual EFT tutorials given by several of the top EFT practitioners in the field.

Here's a list of the most powerful EFT affirmation phrases to use while tapping:

I choose to...
I prefer to...
I intend to...
I decided to...
I embrace...
I love feeling...
I allow myself to...
I feel excited about...
I am grateful for...
What if I could...
I wonder if I could...
I'm going to consider...
Wouldn't it be fun if...

And you can mix and match these positive affirmations with one of these many helpful phrases:

...love and accept myself anyway
...forgive myself for feeling...
...know I did the best that I could
...accept things just as they are
...be okay with where I am NOW
...feel safe
...be at peace
...feel powerful
...be inspired
...feel calm and confident
...trust my inner guidance
...release the need to...
...let go of the guilt, the shame, the resentment, the fear...

Some people get bored repeating the typical "I deeply and completely love and accept myself" affirmation. This mix of EFT phrases can help to stimulate a more specific reaction and better clearing. Play around with them and add your own words.

As always, to get the best results with EFT, tune into your feelings and intuition and let them guide you. Of course if you're still having trouble clearing your limiting beliefs on your own, then visit an EFT practitioner because this technique works for everyone and you just might need a little extra guidance.

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