Let’s do a quick review of the first four of my top 7 top producer secrets:

First, Step away from the talk. Any negative talk about this is going to pull you right into the vortex of a downward spiral. Take actions that get you away from the gloom and doom.

Second, Flex more muscles. Now COULD be the best time to look at all the ways you get prospects – and start revving up the way that works best for you. Perhaps speaking in public, referrals, and/or networking. What works best for you?

Three, Be renewed. Recapture relationships, reflect on the good, and redirect your marketing. Then you will start reaping again.

Now we’re on secret number four - Invest in yourself. NOW is not the time to have your head in the sand or turn the other way about new ideas and professional development. There are SO many ways to invest in yourself, likely dozens. How about some top ideas?

Invest in your health. Since 1997 I have been exercising at least 5 days a week for at least 48 weeks of the year. In 1997 I was diagnosed with osteopenia, then in 2001 with Graves’s disease which affects the thyroid. Both were alarms for me to start taking care of my body. What I find is that exercising keeps my attitude positive not to mention that my husband says, “You look FABULOUS!” So if you find yourself down, dragging or otherwise in a negative mood, just find 20 minutes a day to walk, jump rope or lift weights until it becomes a habit. You and your business will be the better for it.

Invest in your mind. Truthfully I’m not as consistent with these kinds of actions as I am with exercise and eating right ones! I meditate on the fly – when I put my morning coffee down or when I take one of those breaks away from my computer. I also love investing time in release techniques like the Sedona technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and on occasion 20 minutes of meditation listening to an audio from someone like Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Invest in your personal growth. Okay, you knew I’d bring this up, right? Yes! Hire a coach. Just the other day I was telling someone how about 9 months ago when I was considering leaving ANOTHER leads group and ending my membership, I began to think I was the common denominator. What my coach helped me discover is that I am extraordinarily terrific at start-ups, creation or even reinventing businesses. Then as things slow down I’m just not as challenged. I would have likely not even had that observation from friends who I might have confided in! Coaches have specific ways to get you up and going.

Invest in a supportive physical environment. This includes things like the chair you sit on, the orderliness of your space, your clothes, even your gadgets. My iPod JUST died; I mean it just got up and stopped working. Turns out – they don’t i-Play forever! So now I’m looking at my options. My iPod is part of my environment. It plays in my car, in my office and when my workout includes walking. What do you need to have an engaging physical environment? Invest in a comfortable chair? Declutter? Buy some uplifting piece of clothing? Or get one of those new iPods?

Investing in yourself can include investing in your health, your mind, your personal growth, your environment, your friends, your family and having fun, to just mention the most usual areas! Investing in yourself is especially important during down economy talk.

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