I’ve been listening to one of my favorite coaches at www.blogtalkradio, Dave Buck, and his first question is still lingering on my mind. He asked, “Do you really think it’s all about producing or working while under stress? If we are tired of producing and consuming under stress, what is next?” Well, if a recession is on the way, it’s just in time isn’t?

Producing, and even consuming, is about inspired action. You add value to what you sell only when you act and behave in an inspired way. If you act and behave with tension, doubt and fears, you’ll get similar results.

So, treat yourself to some time off.

Hey, don’t tell me you can’t. Don’t make excuses. Do you want your business to suffer even more? Do you enjoy continuing to add to your stress level?

Here is how you treat yourself to time off.

First, Schedule some time off. That’s right. In your calendar, schedule some time that you will do something other than work - anything that gets you inspired or happy. It can be an hour during each day for the next week or a day out of a week, but make time - a solid block of time - to do something other than work. Yes, it can be considered a vacation if you don’t work. You could also walk the dog, cook up a meal that has your mouth watering, or visit with family or friends whose company you enjoy. Do anything except work.

Ready to get back to work? Not so fast. Why?

Second, if you’ve taken that time off for yourself, you are in an inspired state and now is the best time for some planning. There is so much truth in that clichéd expression, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”

Yes, you will go back to work shortly. Plenty of time for that.

Either remind or ask yourself, “Why am I working?” Are you working to live or living to work? (Old question!) Get back in touch with your values. If you say you value being healthy then why do you not make time to exercise? Or why do you snack on junk food? What we say we value, we want to measure. You’re in a replanning mode and your values will lead the way.

A third thing: I happened across a Reboot Your Brain activity by John Reese about a year ago. Once you have your values written down, this brain dump is the perfect activity and fun besides. His analogy is that this activity is like rebooting your computer. Now I don’t know about your computer, but when mine gets stuck – a program won’t respond, the keyboard freezes – a reboot is sometimes just what is needed. Get everything out of your mind and onto paper and then you can’t help but see things more clearly.

Want your prospects to respond, your marketing to get results and your sales to accelerate? Now, during this recession talk, make it happen. Relax a bit, plan from an inspired state and get clearer about your own desires than you may have been in a long time.

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