Marketing is one of the challenges we each face as business owners. One of the things that is basic to business is your business card. Your business card is valuable real estate so it needs to be used wisely. Like any real estate investment make it a worthwhile investment.

A business card works when it is memorable. Think about the colors you use, the font you use and the combination of them all. I have a bright orange card with a compass and people standing in a circle around the compass. It’s a perfect card for me. My company name is Compass Rose Consulting. The name is a metaphor for using a compass to keep you on the trail or on your right path. I have always had a compass on my card. When I changed it a couple of years ago to orange I started noticing that people remembered it. I would hand it to someone and they would say: “I have your card”. In building relationships it’s important to be memorable.

Use both the front and the back. The back of the card is a great place for an offer of a free report, newsletter or some other powerful call to action. Change the back if it isn’t working. It’s a place that you can experiment. What call to action gets people to really take action?

Keys to making the best use of your card:

  1. Make it memorable
  2. Be sure that the font is readable and that the contrast of color works
    • Some cards are black with small gold font. They look really classy, BUT you can’t read them. Make it clear. You want people to call you, email you, and visit your website.
  3. Use a font that is big enough for most to read (some people use fancy fonts and small fonts. It can make the card unreadable.)
  4. Use the front and the back. The back is prime space for a stong call to action. I use it as a space to offer our newsletter or a free report.
  5. Include the important details:
    • Name
    • Company
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website
    • Snail Mail Address (as a networker, I like to send a personal note when I meet someone. The address is often left off the business card. It’s always a disappointment.)
    • Tag line if you have the space

Your business card represents you and your business. It may be your first contact. Make it good, leave a good impression. Use good quality paper, no perforated edges. When you print them yourself people can tell. We were all there at some point, but there are affordable, professional alternatives. I’ve had several versions of my business card. Now, that I have a memorable one, it doesn’t change. Although the call to action changes sometimes. It’s something I play with to see if different offers result in more actions. As soon as you can afford to buy business cards. There are some excellent online resources that provide good, inexpensive cards. I use Vista Print. They have provided great products and great services. You can also use your local printer. He or she can typically help you design your card.

Once you have a card, you need to hand them out. Carry them everywhere. I have been at a playgroup with my three year old and needed cards. Everywhere you are is potential business. The person in line at the grocery store may be in need of your product or service. Be prepared with an attractive, memorable card, with all of your details and give them to everyone you meet.

Then there is the other side of the business card exchange: what you do with the cards you receive. Follow-up!

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