Sometimes we all end up in a situation that seems out of control. All we appear to do is run in circles, fixing things, and holding on to anything that we can. We try to "keep our options open" at all times to ensure that we have a way out. But, as we trudge through the muck and mire, we find that, although we're working hard, we're not moving forward.

This is a common situation known as "panic mode." Panic mode occurs when you are not sure which way to turn so you create many different opportunities to provide a false sense of fulfillment. In fact, these opportunities are not opportunities at all, but are simply "placeholders" that provide a false hope that we are truly moving forward in our lives.

--- How can I tell? ---

When you find yourself feeling insecure and unable to focus on one particular item or beneficial task, you are running in panic mode. In panic mode, many people tend to not commit themselves to something specific out of fear that things will change around them and throw them back into the pit. They spread their focus over many different things to try and ensure that they have something else to fall back on "in case" the world collapses around them.

Panic mode can be brought on by many different situations, but the result is always the same. It is a feeling of helplessness and insecurity accompanied by the need to grab at anything that comes our way that might provide some level of fulfillment. Many times the opportunities or solutions we reach for are only substitutes for true solutions. These solutions temporarily fill the void, yet we eventually grow tired and begin searching for new solutions.

Eventually, we are inundated with a series of mundane tasks that do nothing more than occupy our time so that we don't have to face the true issue. Also, since our time is so filled, we are unable to truly commit to anything, which makes us feel even more insecure because we eventually realize that we're not moving forward, but are instead rolling around in a circle performing tasks for no true reason.

--- How do I resolve this situation? ---

Resolving this type of situation is not easy. The problem is that you have filled your life with a series of uncommitted situations that simply keep you busy. You feel like you're doing well, but your know that you're not moving toward any of your desires or goals in life. This can leave us so overwhelmed that we can't see what is truly going on around us.

The first thing that you must do is STOP. Just stop doing everything for a few days and think about what you're doing. You need to clear you brain to take an unobstructed look around. Analyze what it is that you're doing and why. Try to determine if what you're doing is truly benefiting to you and your life, or if it is simply filling a void.

The best way to tell is to determine if one of your tasks provides money, security, happiness, and a future of some sort. If it does not provide you with what you need, then determine why you felt it was necessary to perform that task in the first place. The beginning of the answers lie right here. What was it about that task that caused you to think that it was of some benefit? Was it just a placeholder, or a time-waster, or did it actually contribute to your existence in some way?

Realize that fulfillment comes from performing tasks and experiencing things that support your vision in life and truly fill a need in your soul. If you have a vision, and the task does not somehow get you there, then you are simply wasting your time. However, if you find that you're not sure of your life's vision, then you need to take the time and figure out where you want to go in your life. In either case, you will be able to get out of panic mode by simply organizing your life.

--- What's next? ---

Sometimes, situation can place us into a panic mode. A mode for survival comes to the surface when we can't get back on track or escape from some turmoil that seems overwhelming. It's not so much avoiding it as it is in knowing when it is coming and learning how to resolve the resulting situation.

Sometimes things happen that throws us off our rockers. Experiences such as death and other types of unexpected loss can throw us into a panic mode situation because out life changes right in front of our eyes. But, the idea is to know how to recover from such situations and be able to move forward and straighten out our lives again to get back on track.

In all cases, putting a master life plan in place can control panic mode situations. You can then learn how to adjust your plan according to changes and experiences in your life. It is imperative that you realize that you cannot succeed by spreading yourself too thin, just to ensure that you do not fail. You end up being caught in a strange world where you cannot move forward because you don't want to move backward.

Author's Bio: 

Edward B. Toupin is a writer and inspirational coach living in the Entertainment Capital of the World. He works with individuals to help them realize their potential and establish the directions that will bring them the most fulfillment. His upcoming e-book, "Align Your Life," provides insight into various aspects of life with some solutions to consider to help you move forward. Contact Edward at for more information.