Many people are hungry for love. They seek out love and would do anything for love. Yet the love they so desperately want are lacking within. They are people with every bit of anger and little forgiveness towards themselves. Because their hearts are already closed in the first place, they will also find it hard to receive love from others and to give love freely. In consequence, they face difficulty in having loving relationships with others.

Some mistakenly think that self-love is selfish. Would it not sound self centered if they only care for themselves? True love does not happen this way. You only naturally attract others when you have adequate self love. It takes place only when you nurture yourself in a loving manner. More specifically, having self love means doing the following:

Accept Yourself Today. Do you often beat yourself up for being fat, disorganized or unsuccessful in your achievements? Stop! Do not use external indicators to judge yourself harshly. Right now, accept yourself as you are, in this moment today.

Love yourself for who you are. Channel love towards helping yourself improve your life. Love can have you quit smoking, change your career or learn to save money. It is definitely a more powerful energy than using fear.

Love Yourself As You Love Others. Isn't it funny how easily it seems that we will open our hearts to love other people, but we withhold this very same love from ourselves? You may be very forgiving of the people in your life, but quite critical of yourself. Consider learning to love yourself just as you love others.

Start Positive Talk: Stop Criticisms. Anyone with self-love uses positive talk when they speak to themselves. Many of us are quite critical when we speak to ourselves. Learn to give yourself compliments, to speak kindly to yourself when you need encouragement and to coax yourself along the way when something seems tough for you. Positive talk will have you feeling great and succeeding in your life.

Forgive Yourself First. Some who have trouble opening to self-love may need to forgive themselves for mistakes made in the past. Learn to forgive yourself for these faults and issues that have gotten in your way. Giving yourself this forgiveness is a very important part of self-love. By forgiving others you make it very easy to open yourself to forgiving others.

Make a List of What You Love. An easy way to give yourself a real boost is to make a list of all of the things you love about yourself. Jot down at least twenty things. If you are having trouble making your list, ask friends and family for some of your best traits, or things that make you loveable. They will certainly be able to help you come up with ideas. Look at this list anytime that you find yourself lacking in self-love.

Do Something Nice For Yourself Each Day. Self love means treating yourself right. Many people do not bother to think about themselves each day. A great pathway to self-love is to do something nice for yourself each day. This conscious effort to actively love yourself will have you thinking about yourself as someone special, someone worth making an effort. So buy that paperback book or get a bunch of flowers. You deserve it!

Say, "I Love You" To Yourself. This is most important of all. Self love means loving yourself. Saying, "I love you" to yourself is so helpful, because there are times we all need to hear the words. Hearing yourself say, "I love you" to yourself really lets you know this is true. Say, "I love you" each day to reinforce this very important message.

Self love is healing, profound and so transformative. You become open to the changes you have always wanted to make in a positive manner. Self love can help you cultivate more meaningful relationships with others. Life becomes richer as a result!

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Evelyn Lim is an abundance coach, assisting her clients in working towards their vision. Her site is currently read by thousands of readers across the world. She encourages her readers and clients to interweave abundance into their lives through first working from within. On her site, Evelyn shares about law of attraction manifestation, creating abundance, self mastery and meditation/spirituality. She shares about her journey as a life coach, Vision Board Counselor and Intuitive Consultant. Do visit her site now at