Transformation is the wonderful process of moving into who we really are. It involves shedding old habits that no longer serve us, revamping outdated beliefs that limit us, and discarding rigid roles that confine us. This process opens us up to our inner truth and our divine wisdom. From this place we know what we want, what inspires us, what brings us joy, how we want to spend our time and who we want to spend it with. Most importantly, we are able to say yes to the things we want rather than delaying them for a future time or passing them over because of fear, doubt or guilt.

Once we have released what is not us and connected to our authentic selves we find a wealth of courage, certainty and worthiness. We step into our abundant nature and attract all the people, situations and circumstances that match our true vibration. Our lives flow with ease and fill with gratitude.

But what about the transition space between our old selves and our true selves? That point in mid air as one foot leaves the ground just before the other touches down? It is often a vulnerable place. It can feel raw and unfamiliar to let go of the old before we have fully embraced the new. Just knowing this is part of the process can halt many from embarking on this journey. Yet if we hold back, our lives can become stagnant or painful.

We are always changing and evolving, but it is up to us to choose the pace and direction. We can surrender to the process with acceptance, embrace it with boldness or resist it with denial. It just depends on how bumpy we want the ride to be.

Reflect on these questions to gain insights:

* What changes have you been through in the past year, 5 years, 10 years? Have they been minor or major? Who or what instigated them? How would you describe them (smooth, rough, joyful, painful, enlightening etc.)?

* What triggers your growth spurts? What motives you to choose to grow and change? What prevents you from embracing growth and change?

What areas of yourself or your life would you like to transform now? What would support you in doing this?

Try these inspiring transformational tools:

* Reflect over your growth and transformation patterns over the past few years by charting them on paper (i.e. draw the pattern – it might look like a roller coaster ride, a downward spiral, an upward loop, a flat line etc.). Notice the lessons, healings and gifts you have received through this process.

* Imagine releasing all that does not serve you anymore (the masks you wear, the roles you play, the underlying limiting beliefs). As you imagine releasing each of these, notice how you feel without them. Connect with your true inner self and feel the expansiveness of who you really are and how you truly want to live your life.

* Turn inward by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath and then ask yourself what it is you need to support you in your ongoing transformation (i.e. to make it easier, gentler, more fun, more adventurous or more authentic).

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach, guiding people to discover who they really underneath the masks, conditioning and roles they play. She utilizes a powerful blend of spiritual energy awareness tools, co-active coaching and wellness counselling to guide her clients to live from their center and create the life they want. Gini is the author of the book, "From Chaos to Calm" and the CD, "Create What You Want in Your Life". For more information or Insights & Inspiration articles, visit