Let's start with what happens to your body as you age.In your teen's and early 20's there is an abundance ofgrowth hormone and this promotes the growth of musclestendons and ligaments, and collagen is used as thebuilding protein for this growth.

When we get in to our mid twenties obviously the growthhormone diminishes and stops and the collagen producedby the liver is then used to promote healthy musclesand build existing muscles.

However from the age of about 25 the amount of collagenproduced by our bodies reduces at a rate of between1 to 1.5% per annum. This means that by the age of 45you have approximately 75% of the collagen in your bodythat is needed for optimum health.

From a beauty therapists point of view they will beconcerned about the reduction of collagen in the dermisbut this represents only a small percentage of thecollagen in our bodies.

An area that it is equally beneficial for, is that ofrebuilding connective tissues.With a reduction in collagen the connective tissuesdeteriorate and this makes it more difficult fortransportation of toxins from the cells to the lymphaticsystem.

It also impedes movement of nutrition and hydration thathas a detrimental effect on the health and therefore theappearance of the skin and other cells.

When the connective tissue breaks down and the body findsit more difficult to move toxins to the lymphatic systemit only has one other alternative and that is to wrap thetoxins in an envelope of fat.

This manifests itself as cellulite in women and generaloverweight in men. Because the body is using fat as aprotection it doesn't follow that the person has to beoverweight for cellulite to form, in fact extremely slimpeople are just as much at risk of getting cellulite thanoverweight people.

Taking an effective collagen supplement rebuilds theconnective tissues, therefore allowing movement of toxinsand fats for disposal and nutrition and hydration back tothe cells for general health.

Up until now the most common sources of Collagen have beenderived from sharks, chickens and bovine. Plant collagenis very different to animal collagen and therefore has anextremely low absorption rate.

Shark collagen from shark cartilage tends to be veryexpensive and although has some merit in cancer prevention,the absorbency rate for humans is still quite low.

Collagen from chickens is quite a good source and thistype is particularly suited to joint relief.

Bovine collagen is the most potent and closest in typeto our own. However the normal way to extract collagenis to remove it from the hide and check it for purity.It is then dried, added to a buffer, and put in capsules.

Even though bovine source is the most potent producingcapsules by this method, it still only ends up with aproduct that is 15% bio available (amount absorbed intothe body).

These types of collagen are destined to take a backseat as a recent breakthrough has produced a completelynatural collagen capsule with a more than 90% absorbencyrate to the body.

The development of these capsules in England now meansit is possible that any lost cartilage can be replacedwithout surgery as they completely and naturally rebuildthe connective tissues needed for a healthy body.

There are many other collagen products on the market butit is due to the patented process that they produce theircollagen through that sets it apart from anything elseyou could buy.

They take the collagen and under pharmaceutically sterileconditions nourish the amino acid chains in the collagenso they start to grow.

This whole process takes between 2 1/2 to 3 months, atthis point the amino acid chain is as near as can be toour own and is readily absorbed in to the body givingover 90% absorbency making them about 6 times more potentthan most of the best alternatives on the market.

On taking these capsules you should therefore notice thefollowing effects:

Overall improvement of skin condition and texture
Hydration of skin
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Strengthening of nails
Improvement of condition of hair
Reduction of cellulite
Conditioning of muscle tissue
Gradual reduction of body fat

Over and above these aesthetic improvements there is alsoan improvement in the general well being of joints andcartilage as collagen naturally includes glucosamine andchondroitin.

This is a main benefit for arthritis sufferers as thecollagen helps to replace the cartilage in your jointsthus relieving the pain.

Collagen was originally developed for arthritis treatmentalthough in recent years it has been linked mainly to thehealth and beauty market where the only way to get purecollagen was by injections.

This development now means that everyone has an easy andaccessible way of replenishing the collagen their bodyneeds, which should help more people to enjoy the benefitsof a healthy body, youthful looking skin and arthritis willbe history for a lot of people.

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Author: Michael Triggs.
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