Loving money with awareness is knowing that money is a form of energy that represents well being and abundance. Well being and abundance is rightfully belonging to all nature and creation, and you can have as much of it as you want. As long as every part of nature works in harmony with each other, everything is sustained and multiplied. Energy is neither created nor destroyed but changes from one form to another. All energy comes from the sun which keeps changing form through nature.

Sunlight is converted into starch and sugar by plants, which feed the animals, which help spread its seeds, which grows more plants, which feeds more animals, which feed humans, which build man made constructions, which facilitate the work of society, which transforms civilization, which leads to inventions and discoveries, which promotes better commerce and diplomacy, which results in the entire earth cultivated and transformed by humans, which leads to the evolution of human consciousness.

Money came into being sometime in civilization as a medium of energy exchange. At first material things were exchanged directly by one party with another. But money enabled a person to give what he has to someone who does not have the exact thing that he wants in exchange for money, so that he can use it to obtain the exact thing that he wants from another person who has it. Money is an idea that increased the ease, freedom and speed of energy exchange in this world which led to faster progress.

Money evolved over time as the idea transformed into better versions of itself to better serve its purpose which is to facilitate the ease, freedom and speed of energy exchange. At first money was metal coins which, became dollar bills, which became checks, which became electronic credits, which became stocks and shares. As money evolved form, more of it could be exchanged at a higher speed. People made billions upon billions at a later time faster than any other point in previous eras.

Money is good therefore we should love it and treat it well. People who love money with ignorance do not know the nature of the universe, and think that money is limited, therefore they have to obtain it for themselves even to the detriment of others well being. They think that for them to have money, someone else cannot have it. It is either their well being or that of another. In order to survive and have what they want, they would steal, cheat and rob it from another.

The idea that economy is the allocation of scarce resources is only a half truth. All resource is energy which is uncreated or destroyed but only changes form. Resources diminish when energy changes from a desired form to non desired one. When plants are kept from the sun by people because they do not want to share them with others, they die without converting sunlight into energy or feeding anybody. Hoarding resources does no good for anybody and only makes it diminish or keeps it stagnant.

Resources multiply when they are shared because that is when energy can change into a more desirable form by those who are designed with the function to do so. Giving wool to a tailor enables him to make clothes that will keep people warm in winter and preserve life. Everyone of us has a unique gift and passion in life that is our function to convert the energy that we receive into more desirable forms for the world. Economy really should be known as the allocation of abundant resources.

Economy was defined as the allocation of scarce resources at a time when people had a scarce mentality. Therefore their consciousness created conditions of scarcity. Though all time, humanity has created their conditions by their thinking. When we change our definition of things, we change our experience of them. The more people there are with wealth consciousness, the better it is for the rest of us. We should enlighten as many people about the true nature of money to create more abundance.

The more we provide others with the resources they need to give their best gifts to this world, the more we will experience happiness and abundance in life. Be generous and loving in your giving, knowing that the universe reflects to you your actions and intentions. When you bless others with the things and energy to live the life that they desire, others will bless you with the things and energy you need to live the life you desire. The blessings do not have to come from the same people you bless.

Your becoming wealthy makes the world wealthier and the world becoming wealthier makes you become wealthy with a whole lot less effort. People in the past struggled for generations for things that we now have as the norm. Just as millions of people of people today live better than a few kings did in the past, there will be billions of people in the future that will live better than millionaires live today. The ever present energy rearranges to produce higher quality of living when everyone shares and create.

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