Trust is more than just being honest or truthful. But also about sharing, talking, communicating, listening, befriending, being there for someone.
• Not betraying a trust – someone’s faith in you
• Being a friend, a confidant, companion, partner …
• Is there a catch? What do they want? What do they want from me? Is it genuine or a sales pitch?
• Has life, the world today, lost its sense of trust? Is everyone out for what they can get or keep themselves to themselves. Not to get sucked in or try and hope. Hope that all is well.
• So is trust a risky business? Perhaps it depends upon what you put your trust in. If it is mortal or temporary or suspect in nature then risky it may be. But not to trust either yourself or in life is to potentially limit or inhibit so much that we could experience, enjoy, taste or savour.
• Trust until you get let down is a practical option that may be worth following. And then if you feel let down have a close look at the situation. What you must do is to assess and evaluate what has happened, rather than make a rash and quick decision that you may regret. Get to the bottom of things and try to find a remedy. Discuss things with those involved – premature dismissal of the activity, breaking the liaison, friendship or partnership might backfire.
• After all who amongst us is perfect? Who can throw that the first stone, without first looking at yourself. Are we not of the same substance? The same flesh and blood, the same mix of thoughts and ideas, strengths and weaknesses, goals and dreams, fears and worries, wishes and hopes, ills and individuality – all waiting to be manifest to the world. More similar than different? We all have potential. We are inherently good but have off days. We can be disappointed by the unexpected act of a loved one or friend. One needs to decide whether to accept the indiscretion and mover forward or that it is all too much. Hard decisions. Bear in mind how would you feel if the boot was on the other foot.
• Be wary that lack of trust is a folly. Trusting all is not practical, trusting none is but to remove oneself from life and miss out on so much that is good and true.
• Be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, (s)he who is not who not or that they may appear

Honesty, loyalty, integrity, dignity – trust is up there with them -values or virtues, call them what you will. Trust is a wonderful thing. One needs to live with it but like a lot of things it can be a double-edged sword. The good and right or the bad and dangerous. We cannot turn a blind eye. Life can be like a tightrope walk. But our belief and trust in life is a backbone for us, a support that helps us to make life a wonderful, if sometimes inexplicable experience. A path we can all walk one fulfilling step at a time to reach our destination.

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