At 29 years of age I was a millionaire.
I owned 30 apartment units, 2 restaurants, a large, 10-room home with pool, 3 cars, a motor home, land in 3 states and 2 countries, gold and silver coins, mutual funds and the list goes on and on.
I considered myself pretty ¡"religious" and ¡"self-righteous". I was raised in a large church and went to church every week. I believed I was doing what God wanted me to do. If I fell, all I had to do was ask God to forgive me and I could do it all over and over again. I found that all of my decisions, no matter how small or large, were always;
how much money will I make? or How much will it cost?
I worked 3 jobs and was completing my Masters degree in business. Needless to say, my family suffered. I was never home; my life was so full of stress that I searched for companionship outside of the marriage.
While I thought I was blessed by God; it now looks like it was a temptation from the Devil. All that I really valued (wife, children, health and happiness) was lost. My Soul was dead. My compassion was only for what people might think not what God would think. I was up to 4 six-packs a day while enticing waitresses with money.
When I went through a divorce; which prompted a bankruptcy, I was considering suicide because I had lost all of my material wealth. People who were my friends when I had money didn't come around; but many were quick to laugh at my failures.
A stranger came to my house one evening while I was drinking, smoking and watching TV. He was from a local church and wanted to talk about God and the Bible. I had never read the Bible before, at least not for it's teachings on life now and the eternal. I offered him a beer (which wasn't too smart) and he started to share the Word of God with me.
I never felt so much peace in my life as I did when I believed that Jesus loved me so much that He died for me. My sins put Him on the cross and He loved me so much that He had to show me His love.
I finally realized that I was a better person without all those worldly things. I came into this world with nothing and I will leave with nothing. I can truly say that I am "Born Again" and Jesus is LORD of my life.
I work for an employer who is bigger than AlliedSignal, NASA, JPL and the U.S. Government put together. My mission is to collect souls for Christ and
the real purpose in life is to glorify God in everything.

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„X Tutor NCLB K-12 and College courses/tests
„X Instructed full AS Electronics degree curriculum „X Familiar with full MSOffice Suite/AutoCAD/Visio
„X JH math/science/bible teacher
„X Counseled continuing Engineering students „X Apply theory in day-to-day operations
„X Tutored ¡¥challenged¡¦ Electronics students „X Simplify theory with ¡¥analogy¡¦ teaching method
„X Instructed Time Management Seminar „X College & student conscious
„X Taught Technical Math including binary, octal and hexadecimal „X Updated and coordinated Electronics Labs & Textbooks
„X Volunteer seminar leader for Experience Unlimited EDD „X Honor graduate civilian & military Electronics Schools
„X CTM JPL/Caltech Toastmasters and Leadership workshop trainer „X Developed Transitional training for NASA/JPL/DSN operations
„X Developed and coordinated Power-Point presentations „X Developed courses in demand for the community
„X Lead over 10 different Real Estate and Motivational Seminars „X Proposed and developed 6 new Electronics courses


Computer Tech Instructor ¡V 2000 - present Sylvan/Frontline, Pasadena, CA
Assistant Professor --2002 - present Hope Intl University, Fullerton, CA
Technology Instructor ¡V 1999 - present ROP, Anaheim, CA
Real Estate Seminar Leader ¡V 2003 ¡V present
--1989 -- 1994 ATS Training Services, Tustin, CA
Riverside College, Riverside, CA
Electronics Instructor ¡V 1981 - 1988 Barstow College, Barstow, CA
Electronics Engineer/Ops ¡V 1972 - 1999 NASA/JPL/Allied Signal, Pasadena, CA
Workload. Controller ¡V 1968 - 1972 USAF/AFCS, NATO, England


MBA ¡V Business (Economics) Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA
BA ¡V Psychology (Religion) Chapman University, Orange, CA
AA & AS - Electronics (Real Estate) Barstow College, Barstow, CA
Certificate ¡V Communications (Radio & TV) Electronics Institute, Pittsburgh, PA
Certificate ¡V Microwave (Electronics) USAF NATO RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk, England
Various Professional Development Seminars in Computer Applications & Software Skills


„X College Teaching Credentials „X ROP Credentials „X NARTE Communications
„X CET License
„X California DRE salesman license „X Real Estate Appraiser¡¦s License „X Sylvan Train-the-trainer certified
„X Member of Barstow College Academic Standards Committee „X FCC Radiotelephone general lifetime (GROL)

Operations Manual, Transitional training procedures, Course proposals, Course Outlines, Lesson Plans, NASA Project Implementation Plans, Tenant handbook, Property Management and Repo-seminars.