I have heard and read that ideas are money. I believe that. One idea can result in a full time income or a multi-million dollar business. It’s also true that words are money. Your ideas, insights and opinions when reduced to the written word can result in income as well.

One major nagging question for new writers is: Where do you find topics you can write about? It may seem insurmountable at first, but the answer to that question can be simplified.

At the turn of the 20th century a Baptist pastor by the name of Russell Conwell delivered a speech about 6,000 times which finally resulted in a published work entitled Acers of Diamonds. The time tested principle of that book is to look in your own back yard for the recourses you need to realize your dreams. This applies to writing, too. Looking for a topic to write about? Look out of your window. You will find it there.

The “window” as I have described it means you have more than enough to write about where you are now. Regardless of your educational background, social status, wealth (or lack of wealth), write about what you know. The fact is, anyone can write. Yes, you can do it!

And think about this: once you write it, you can keep on earning money from it. That’s how the rich think. They want to do something once and create a stream of income from that source.

Where Can I Find Topics to Write About?
Do you have hobby? Most do. Write about what you have learned about your knitting, boating, skiing, coin collecting, pets – you get the idea. Also write about your business or career. Let people know how they can make money, invest more wisely, repair relationships or create well balanced lives.

If you are writing to increase the bottom line of your real estate mortgage business, write about repairing credited ratings, loan qualifications, new loan programs, and related topics. The same principle applies to any business you want to promote.

People want to find solutions to their problems. You can be a resource for those answers. And let me tell you, people are willing to pay for the answers. If you will tell the folk how to do something better, faster or more cost effectively, how to realize their goals and dreams, or in any other way provide useful information, you have the opportunity for future profits.

Define Your Market
If you are writing for profit, consider the market you are trying to reach. You will find little financial reward if you write about something which people have little interest. Target your writing to a specific demographic which will have a (hopefully) large pool of buyers. Give your readers real solutions and answers.

In real estate there is a phrase that describes the job of a real estate agent or broker. Namely, it’s their job to “find a willing and able buyer.” This is also true for writers writing for a specific market with the hope of earning income. Provide your readers with information that results in your reader being a willing and able buyer.

Where do I Make Money?
The opportunity to earn income is huge in writing. Having said that, you must understand that you need a plan if you want to earn income from your writing.

If you want to make money writing articles you can submit your query letters to a host of periodicals. Go to www.writersmarket.com for current information on markets for writers. There are many niche markets that may suit you well. Many publication will pay you for use of your articles. You can also learn some valuable information there that will help you as a writer.

You can write articles for use on the internet to drive traffic to your website, and/or use these articles as material for your print and online newsletter or blog. Both of these options may present you in a good light and an expert in your specialty.

Write an ebook or traditional book. Depending on your goal, either of these choices will give you credibility. You will be an author. The simple fact is, authors are held in high regard in our culture. You will be part of the elite. You can sell ebooks for instant download using affiliates to help generate sales. You can sell books at workshops, seminars and online to interested customers. You can also enjoy having a major publisher offer your book(s) to a national audience. The options for marketing your books are almost limitless.

When Do I Start?
Just do it! There is no special secret to writing. You must schedule a time each day to write and then do it. There are people available to help you with grammar, style and editing. You can also hire a ghost writer to take you idea and complete an article or book. But there is no substitute for placing your rear end in your chair and write.

Start today,

© 2008 by Donald Loyd
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