This is a true story of a young child who was not suppost to even get out of his wheelchair or off his respirator. Though his sheer determination, hard work and the belief that he could walk resulted in this story.

I wanted to share this with you so you could understand that anything is possible.

I hope you read the story to your children.

By Llyn Wren Published in
My Friend Magazine
January 2003

Jeffery pushed open the door to the locker room and stopped dead in his tracks.
“That’s not right!” he heard Ike saying. “I’ve been helping him. Jeffery can do it.”
“It’s not that he can’t do it,” said Brock. “It’s that if we let him play, he might get hurt. He’s only been out of those feet casts for a couple of months.”
“Yeah, and this is the playoff game,” added Daniel. “We can’t be worrying about him. We gotta play hard. Those Gorillas are a bunch of tough guys. They’ll cream him for sure.”
Jeffery didn’t stay to listen. He slowly closed the door making sure that his teammates didn’t hear him.
All his life Jeffery had wanted to play soccer. There was a time when he hadn’t been able to walk. He had worked hard struggling every day to make his feet and legs strong enough so the doctors could fix them.
I did it! He thought proudly. And I can do this too. Tomorrow I’ll show them.
Beads of sweat rolled down Coach Arthur’s face as he hovered over the nine boys that made up the Cougar youth soccer team. They chanted their team cheer, and eighteen arms reached for the sky. Eight excited players raced onto the field as the referee’s whistle pierced the still air, and Jeffery returned to the bench… again.
Jeffery’s scrawny shoulder muscles tensed as he watched the soccer ball being put into play. He had practiced over and over again all the plays their coach had taught. When he wasn’t practicing with his friend Ike, he was practicing in his mind. He glanced down at his thin, white legs. They weren’t as strong looking as the other boys’. He was glad his sneakers and socks hid his scars. He had had many operations to correct the under developed feet he had been born with.
Jeffery looked up as he heard a sudden cheer. “Yes!” he yelled as he jumped up. Ike had stolen the ball. He was the best player on the team, got most of the goals, and played most of the time. Today was no exception.
Like an engine with a full load of steam, Ike raced towards the opponent’s goal post, Gorillas in hot pursuit. Boom. The crowd cheered in unison as another point for the Cougars flashed on the scoreboard. Ike was a hero… again.
A burly Gorilla team member was fast moving in on Ike. In the wink of an eye, the ball changed feet and swiftly moved towards the Cougar net. Ike was in hot pursuit, legs straining. Crash!
“Oohhhhhhhhh,” groaned the crowd of parents and friends, as Ike fell to the ground. The shrill sound of the referee’s whistle sounded, but not before the Gorillas had put the ball between the Cougar goal posts. The scoreboard flashed 6 to 5 as Coach Arthur ran across the field. Ike sat up slowly, shaking his head.
“I’m Okay, I’m okay,” gasped Ike. “Just landed wrong is all.” But he couldn’t stand by himself when Coach had helped him to his feet. His ankle was twisted, possibly sprained.
“Sorry, Ike. You can’t play like that,” said Coach. “OK, Jeffery, here’s your chance.”
Jeffery looked at the coach, eyes as big as saucers.
“Me? Really?” he said. His voice quivered.
“Yes. Show me what you can do!” said Coach.
Jeffery quickly moved onto the field. Snickers from their opponents filtered through the air.
Focus, Jeffery, focus, he said to himself, as Ike had so often urged him. You can do this. Remember the plays you’ve practiced at home.
The play began, and Jeffery was bumped and pushed around relentlessly by the opposite team. He got knocked down, but he just kept getting up. Ike watched from the sidelines, while holding an icepack on his ankle.
“Come on Jeffery. Show ‘em what you’re made of!” Ike yelled.
Something inside Jeffery clicked, and his tiny body responded. Like an eel, he slipped through a space most kids wouldn’t have attempted. His feet connected with the ball. Then, with every ounce of energy he could muster, he turned with the ball in tow and raced down the field towards the opposite goal post.
You can do this! You’ve done it a thousand times. Keep going. Just focus, Jeffery, focus! he heard Ike say in his head.
Jeffery’s eyes concentrated on the exact spot in the net that he had always practiced for the ball to enter. It’s now or never! Jeffery thought to himself.
As a Gorilla lunged at him, he kicked with all his might. The ball sailed through the air. The goalie dove too late, and the ending buzzer sounded, seconds after the score board flashed a 7 to 6 victory for the Cougars.
A hush fell over the stadium as everyone took a deep breath. Then deafening cheers came from the team, the coach and the crowd. The slapping on his back kind of hurt, but Jeffery didn’t care.
I did it. I did it! Jeffery thought, bursting with pride. Thank you, Ike. I got to play, and I got to score. Yep! Twice victorious.

Author's Bio: 

Llyn is a Registered Nurse who works with children who are medically fragile.
My passion is children. All children. Over the course of my career, both as a Registered Nurse and an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I have worked with children who have had multiple disabilities. Because of these children I have experienced so many miracles I can't count them all.