Twitter can be both an amazing marketing tool and an exhausting pursuit of keeping up with the constant stream of new “Tweets”. Not everyone has the ability nor the desire to stay plugged in 24-7. If that sounds like you, then you’ll love this great tool that allows you to maintain online visibility and stay relevant with fresh content.

TwitterFeed is a site that allows you to import any RSS feed into your Twitter stream. Through a simple set up, you can automate the process to bring high quality content to your Twitter stream. I suggest you start off with your own blog to let people know what you’re publishing. Then you can find other blogs, podcasts, or anything on an RSS feed that offers complementary content.

Because Twitter can be connected to so many other social networking sites like Facebook or FriendFeed, it doubles as updates to all those sites too. Save yourself time and boost your credibility with these simple steps:

1. Go to TwitterFeed and open an account. You will need to create something called an OpenID which is a secure way of logging in to TwitterFeed. Follow the directions on the site to get that part set up.
2. Once you’ve gotten a TwitterFeed account, click “Go to My Twitter Feeds or Create a New One”. When you click on Create new feed, select Twitter from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter your Twitter username and password. For example, my Twitter name is NancyMarmolejo, so that is what I enter. It’s the name that shows up next to your picture on your Twitter stream.
4. Enter your blog’s RSS feed. (If you don’t have one, go to and follow the instructions to get one).
5. Select how frequently you want it to search for new posts and whether you want it to have a short statement before each post, for example “New blog post:”
6. After you get yourself set up, start importing the RSS feeds of other blogs you love. Pick content that supports your credibility as an expert. For instance, let’s say you like my blog and want to share those posts with others. You’d put my RSS feed into your TwitterFeed. Create a prefix that says “Retweet @NancyMarmolejo” to credit the source. (Do this with any feed you bring in from the outside. It’s good Web 2.0 karma!)
7. Look at ways you can use TwitterFeed to create community, support clients, and continue as a top name in your field. I like to import feeds that have to do with social media, good business advice, trends, and time management. Find the right balance for you!
Twitter is a great PR tool and using TwitterFeed allows you to maintain a high level of online visiblity… without adding any time to your busy schedule. Give it a try and watch how easy it is to stay visible!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Marmolejo is a PR, media, and social networking strategist who teaches women entrepreneurs how to generate more money and attention by positioning themselves in the spotlight. An award winning business owner, Nancy is frequently quoted in the areas of business, creativity, and social networking. Get Nancy's 7 part free audio course by visiting VivaVisibility.

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