Surpisingly, you'll get the same amount of muscle toning you'd attain after hours of repetitive calisthenics. Remember, always check with your own doctor before starting an exercise program.

THIS IS A SHORT WAY TO A NEW YOU! Doing this 2-minute program 5 times a day can take an inch from your waist in just FIVE weeks! Each exercise is done only ONCE each session (here, twice as much is NOT twice as good.) If you've seldom exercised lately, or lag behind in your activities, all the better: you don't have to unlearn bad habits. HERE'S ALL YOU DO TO BE SUCCESSFUL: read over this entire short program. Don't make any changes...YOU DESERVE THE 2 MINUTES TIME IT TAKES!

FOR THE WAISTLINE: (Backlying on the carpetted floor or mat.) Your body from buttocks to shoulders is flat on the floor, with your knees bent; head propped on a THIN pillow. Think tall, but don't tuck in your chin. INHALE 2 seconds & concentrate; then pull your stomach muscles back & in, as if pressing your bellybutton against your spine. HOLD FOR 7 SECONDS, then slowly relax your stomach muscles.
FOR INNER THIGHS: (Same position.) PRESS your knees togethere for 7 secs. then relax. ALTERNATE POSITION: roll over & place hips on pillow. Rest forehead on a small rolled towel. Put your arms in front with elbows bent & bend legs at the knees. Without using the calf muscles, lift legs just off the floor 7 secs.
FOR UPPER THIGHS & BUTTOCKS: Lie face down & hook heels under a chair or bed. Concentrate on on back of thighs & buttocks. Try lifting the chair or bed with backs of heels (BUT DON'T). HOLD 7 secs.
BACK OF NECK & SHOULDERS: (Backlying with head on pillow or rolled towel.) Hands are relaxed & folded over lower abdomen, feet flat on floor with knees bent & spread slightly apart (but wider than the hips):
a. Think tall, holding chin up at right angle to the spine. Lift head slowly & draw in chin to chest. INHALE & HOLD 7 secs.
b. Slowly draw shoulders back, pressing into floor. INHALE & HOLD 7 secs.
5. FOR BACK OF ARMS: Gently press backs of both arms into floor. Keep shoulders & small of your back flat. INHALE & HOLD 7 sec.
6. FOR FRONT OF THIGHS: Pull abdominal muscles in-&-back (as if against spine) . INHALE & HOLD 7 secs.
7. FOR THIGHS & ABDOMEN: (Do this AFTER above exercises are tolerated without effort): Pull the lower abdominals back-&-in. Lift head & elbows & then lift legs by using fronts of thighs...KEEP HEELS FLAT ON FLOOR. Small of your back must be flat on the floor, not arched.

DURING THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES pull gently up on lower abdominal muscles, tuck buttocks under & press hip-bones into floor (DURING the 7 sec. period): BASIC POSITION: Lying on abdomen, forehead resting on rolled towel, arms out at shoulder height; bend elbows & bend hands so knuckles touch tip of shoulders. Spread knees slightl wider than hips & raise lower legs so heels are touching.
FOR BACK OF NECK: Relax in basic position. Slowly lift head until chin is parallel to floor. INHALE & HOLD 7 secs.
FOR SHOULDERS: Lift head As above. Slowly lift right elbow until it's level with back. Then lift left elbow to same poaition. Be sure to keep shoulders relaxed & down. INHALE & HOLD 7 secs.
FOR BACK OF THIGHS: Press hips into floor, press heels together, lift knees slightly from floor. INHALE & HOLD 7 secs. (If too difficult rasing both legs at once, lift only one at a time.)

Author's Bio: 

Howard Sadowsky, ND, PhD, is a Doctor of Naturopathy and also holds a Doctorate in the Chinese Classics of Internal Medicine. He is a Founder of the American Academy of Acupuncture Medicine, a Founder of the International Neijing Society and is active as a speaker, tutor, and author of Integrative Therapy manuals, medical texts, New Age Books and journal articles. Doctor Sadowsky is published internationally in human and animal acupuncture, and is acclaimed in Austria and Germany for his charting of horse and dog ear-acupuncture points. He has received recognition in 32 countries for his successful program of weight-control without dieting and for a very effective program to stop smoking in one twenty-minute (drug-free) visit!