To increase your own personal income, you must be in a position to influence the company’s income, to somehow increase revenues or cut costs.

To increase your own personal income, you must be in a position to influence the company’s income, to somehow increase revenues or cut costs. So look at your company and look for a job where you can become more valuable.

Develop Good Work Habits
Perhaps the fastest way to bring yourself to the attention of your superiors is to develop good work habits. Most people are time wasters. They waste not only their own time but also that of others. They work at 50% or less of capacity. And because of this, they have a hard time getting ahead.

Move Fast When Necessary
But if you develop a reputation for speed, dependability and quality work, you will immediately stand out from the majority. In a survey of 104 chief executive officers, 84% of them agreed on two qualities that would most mark a person for rapid promotion. The first was the ability to set priorities, to separate the important from the unimportant.

Develop A Sense of Urgency
The second quality that they noted was the habit of getting the job done fast, a sense of urgency. Less than 2% of people have a sense of urgency and they are always the ones on the fast track.

For many reasons, people respect those who get the job done quickly. When you develop a reputation as being the person who your boss can rely on for fast, high quality work, your future is assured. And if your boss doesn’t appreciate you for these qualities, there are plenty of other bosses who will.

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do to develop the key qualities for rapid promotion.

First, make a list of everything that you have to do, before you start. Set priorities on your list. Always work on the task that your boss considers to be the most important and stay with it until it is done.

Second, develop a sense of urgency. Do things quickly. When you have decided that a job is important, start on it immediately and work at it continuously until it is done.

Action Strategies For Personal Achievement

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