Two Significant Discoveries in 2008 You Can Use

Yes or no? You and your Significant-Other will be
trying to lose 10 pounds or more for the rest of
your life.

It’s a pretty good bet you will be testing one
fad diet or another ad infinitum because 60% of the U.S. population (300 million) is seriously overweight.

Ignore it? The media and advertisers spend up to One-Billion bucks annually to get you to buy their latest diet program.

Why do we overeat? Food expands our comfort-zone, reduces stress, and is readily available 24/7. Eating retrieves your long-term memories of feel-good experiences.

So What

The definitive research on how to double (2x) your weight loss when dieting appeared July 8, 2008. Jack Hollis, PhD
at Kaiser Permanente’s Center For Health Research, lead researcher, said, “The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost.”

It appears in the July, 2008 issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

Start today to keep a diary of what calories (food) goes
into your ‘boca’ and you not only lose fat, but twice as much as uneducated dieters without the facts in front of
their eyes.

How Come

When you fill-in your diary you exercise your three (3) most powerful senses: visual cortex, auditory cortex and kinesthetic (sense of touch). Together, these three senses
trigger your motivation (burning desire) to eat less calories daily. You just cannot laugh-it-off.

Reading words alone are too weak, listening to experts doesn’t cut it, and exclusively using your sense of touch needs supplemental help.

Please Take Notice:

When you mentally visualize losing one-pound of stomach fat daily, and simultaneously (physically) pinch your stomach fat for 2-3 seconds, you have enlisted your three power senses for dieting success.

It’s not mind-over-body, but mind-and-body integrating for dieting success.

Your Mind’s Eye

Your brain produces 50,000 ideas daily that are programmed to download during sleep and while awake. These mental images are random thoughts called Stream-of-Consciousness Day-Dreaming, and sleep-dreaming.

Call it what occurs in your Mind’s Eye involuntarily. Some are positive, while 80% are stressful and anxiety-producing.

Key Point:

You have the mental and physical skill to voluntarily produce Mental Movies in your mind’s eye.

Why Bother

Answer: what you see in your mind’s eye influences and persuades your brain what to think and do.

Playing golf: Tiger Wood intentionally creates a mental-
image before he strikes the ball of the hole being (appearing) the size of a basketball hoop.

Baseball or softball: create a new mental-image in your
3-pound coconut of the pitched ball being the size of a
basketball, not the size of a pill. Your new Visual Perception relaxes you, deletes stress, and causes a positive mental state of successful expectancy.


It takes daily practice for two-minutes, 21 days to create
a permanent habit of enhancing your idea of size.

Who Says So

See: research by Frank Tong, of Vanderbilt University
release July 4, 2008. When do you see results from Mind’s
Eye visual perception?

“Our results show that even a single instance of creative
(voluntary) imagery can tilt how you see the world one way
or another, dramatically…”


What folks mentally choose to imagine can influence what
we see later in time. Do this exercise during your warm-up
2-5 minutes prior to hitting the ball for best results.

Purdue University

There is a proven scientific relationship between performance and perception. What your (Mind’s) eye sees,
your brain is forced to believe as reality.

Your behavior is modified to conform to your eyes report
to your brain. See Purdue University report, Science Daily,
July 8, 2008. This confirms the research that how you mentally visualize the size of the ball or hole, influences your skill and success.


How important are these three research reports?

We can accept keeping a diary

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Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published
by Barron's. Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator
of speed reading, graduating 2 million, including
the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.