We have all heard the term subliminal power but what does it mean really? To the average bystander, it can conjure images of mind control techniques and in some cases alien encounters of popular pop culture references and movies. But in truth, the subliminal power of your mind is a latent and potentially explosive volcano that sits in the centre of the cortex of your mind, waiting to be unleashed. Science has not been, until today, able to traverse the entire landscape of the mind, in which case, they can only account for less than 30% of the brain’s actual functions and potential.

This alone should tell you that the potential for the other 70% could be potentially great, yet at the same time this adds some mystery to it as well. “What is the full potential of the human brain” is a question that has remained unanswered till this day, even with all the technology and processes in place to further unlock the true power of the mind. While this is so, we should be thankful of the advent of subliminal technology; because only with it can we unleash the full fury of the mind. Take for example if you will a person who has been suffering of a bad habit for a very long time, an addiction so to speak. This can range from anything like overeating to nicotine addiction.

What we must understand is that the addiction is not in the actual substance of the product, the actual meat, the actual nicotine or even the base components in the addiction that we have. The most important ingredient when analysing the addiction is the intangible one that has been rooted deep in the mind. What happens here is that the mind associated the euphoric feeling of the addiction instantly registering associations on a base emotional level. The chemical reactions and the feelings that are released when someone smokes a cigarette are registered in the brain, and are immediately associated with the cigarette.

What happens then? The brain gets exposed to a dangerous formula and because this is emotional, it becomes processed directly in the subconscious of our minds. This means that it gets retained in the cyclic nature of the brain, it gets processed, evolved as a mental process and function and finally at the end stages of its transmorph into a full blown addiction - it becomes critical to our body process.

This means that we think we need nicotine to feel good - a feeling that the subconscious has been tricked to believing as something of a necessity. That is the effect on the drug - psychological, not physiological. What happens with this is that we need to fight fire with fire and reverse the process of the addiction with subliminal programming, giving you control and power over your mind.

Once the instruction that smoking is good or eating more is good for the body gets erased with more normal, healthy messages, then and only then can addiction be stopped; by unleashing the subliminal power of your mind.

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