A couple of months ago I came across the word Pneuma. It is the Greek word for Spirit. When I first heard the word it was like seeing an old friend again. What does it mean to "Unlock Your Spirit Within?"

In simplest terms it is about allowing your higher self/soul/spirit to be the captain of the ship. It is about letting go of control so you have the ability to trust, understand and respond to the guidance of divine intelligence at all times. This is a process that does not happen overnight. Below is an exercise that will help the process:

This requires you to set aside a day. So please pick a day where you will be comfortable performing the exercise.

• When you open your eyes. Set your intention to hear and receive guidance from your higher self today by stating: “I set the intention today with the help of divine intelligence to hear/receive guidance which is in my highest and best interest.”

• When you get out of bed do the Dance of Gratitude and Joy. Hop around, go crazy, smile, laugh and just be thankful for everything.

• Now, request guidance on your next step. You will receive an answer. It may come in an image, a word, a feeling, a thought. Now follow that guidance.

• After you have completed the previous step, repeat until you are ready for sleep.

• Before you shut your eyes to go to sleep, thank Divine Intelligence for an amazing day.

You might want to keep some notes about what happens to you during the day. Where did Divine Intelligence lead you? How did you feel? Did you have trouble trusting the guidance? Why?

Remember sometimes the answers are not always apparent at first. I would love to hear how your day went.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Urezzio, is an intuitive healer, teacher and apprentice family herbalist. She specializes in supporting clients nation wide, conducting one-on-one intuitive readings and teaching them how to tap into their intuition. Jennifer also offers an Intuitive Pneuma Program, "Unlocking the Spirit Within" where participants learn the ability to trust, understand and respond to their higher self. Contact Jennifer at www.bloominggrove.net