Until recently the news media has been focused on wars and civil disruptions worldwide. According to scientific calculations, about 15,000 wars have taken place on the planet during the recent 5 thousand years. More than 3.5 billion people have been killed in the wars. There were only 292 peaceful years in the entire history of the mankind. There is no reason to believe that something will change in the future. And to that note, mankind is developing highly sophistocated weaponry to assure they are victorious. As you will discover during the following pages, the new “star wars” weapons are mostly electronic in design and fill the air surrounding our planet with new frequencies. The effect this type of electronic wave saturation will have on the stability of the globe is unknown, and little is being done to study the long-term side effects prior to the introduction of these weapons into action.

Al Gore’s campaign to expose our influence on the environment has created a great amount of awareness for the environment. Whole magazine issues have focused on the subject, while threatened industry expends great amounts of dollars to challenge the reports and convince the public that global warming is not happening. But earth changes from global warming may take decades to affect our way of life. As described in a new book, Worse Than Global Warming, today there is an immediate threat that could alter our lifestyles and our health. That threat is an unseen hazard, wave technology which means frequencies from all sorts of origins – cell towers, cell phones, non-lethal weapons, high altitude atmospheric heaters, microwaves and the most destructive to our advanced civlilzation, EMP bombs. These simple to produce weapons when detonated over an area completely dismantles anything electrical – automobiles, airplanes, wells, heating, lighting, computers – everything! In an instant we can be relegated back to the horse and buggy days.

These unseen threats are not original. According to archeologists and researchers, ancient civilizations did possess a high level of technology that became their downfall, possibly causing cataclysmic changes on Earth. Just like our present irresponsible use of technology without regard for long term human or environmental side effect, the Ancients may have triggered a pole shift. Are the 2012 prophecies warning us not to repeat history? It’s as if we are caught in a time loop. Twelve thousand years later we are repeating the same mistakes.

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Nina Anderson is the author of 18 books on health and aviation. Her latest title Flying Above the Glass Ceiling reflects her story and other woman pilot stores of inspiration from the early years of corporate and airline hiring.