Do you know one of the best ways to make a great impression in your job interview and set yourself apart from other job candidates? Build a brag book.

Brag books can be very persuasive in an interview process (if you use them right). The fact that you've taken the time to put one together is an attention-getter, and the things you highlight in it are the "proof" that you are someone they want to hire. The skill you use in presenting your brag book showcases other "intangible," but highly desirable, qualities such as your communication skills, energy, and enthusiasm.

What is a brag book?

A brag book is a folder or binder that serves to clarify your skill sets and set you apart from the competition. It can include letters of recommendation, "attaboy" notes (or any notes commenting on what a good job you've done), staff ranking, annual reviews (if you include some, include them all), rewards letters, your resume, types of equipment you've used or marketed, certifications or other educational courses, any financial or PowerPoint presentations, copies of articles you've written, brochures you've helped develop, and a college transcript (ONLY IF you're just getting out). Change and add to your book as you go through your career.

How (and when) do you present a brag book?

Present your brag book like you would a product brochure. (You're selling yourself and your skills, after all.) Have it segmented and easy for you to find information, so that you can deliver it in a controlled, confident, organized manner. Hiring managers will look at how you use your brag book. That's their indication for how you'll use product brochures, PowerPoint presentations, or other media with your future customers/clients.

It's up to you do determine when the time is right in your interview for your brag book. Your cue might be when you hear "Tell me a little more about yourself," for instance. You will be able to gauge how well your interview is going by whether or not you get to show your brag book, whether you are able to present all the sections, and by the reaction of the hiring manager to your compiled information.

Bottom line...

A brag book demonstrates initiative, professionalism, organization, an understanding of sales and marketing (although it's certainly applicable to other career areas), and sets you apart from your competition--it's the difference between "good" and "great."

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