Since the stars only impel and not compel us to do anything, we have been given a free will (that is not entirely free, mind you) to choose what we need from all the suggestions given for self-improvement by a competent astrologer. To benefit fully, the clients’ questions have to be properly phrased. Here are some examples: ‘Do you see any positive events happening in my love life this year?’ Remember, a vague question will only get you an answer that will not be of help to you. Precise information in advance can help you prepare for a positive or negative event, i.e. ‘does my chart promise me fame and financial success as an actor in the next two years?’
I have observed, having done many charts, that people are too confused to ask the real questions that will help them move forward in a practical way.
My philosophy is to highlight the most positive aspects of a horoscope and then advise my client to make the best use of it. I certainly do not believe in “making you feel good.” Life is a big battle. And we have to learn to face facts. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Let us use that lining and succeed.
Astrology can tell us the pitfalls (there are many) and, if we are wise, we can avoid them and reach our cherished goals. Do try to go against the tide.
By vibrational impact of a planet or planets we make bad choices and perform actions that can lead to failure of plans. However, I must mention here that even in some of the worst planetary conditions, the law of Karma (action) works with precision. It clearly means that any action performed by us must get some results. Hence the corollary: ‘Thinking is Destiny.’

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Hindu Astrologer, New York, Author "The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps" and Co-Author "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life", Vol. 3.