When I woke up this morning, I could hear the birds singing outside (very clearly since the windows were open). I realized how lucky I am to live in a country where life is so easy. I know - you’re thinking “Easy? Times are rough right now!”

Let’s put things in perspective, though. Yes, things are rough - by comparison of what they have been here in the US. But they are still great compared to many other countries! One way to keep yourself positive and upbeat is to look for all the good things going on, and be grateful for them.

What does gratitidue really mean? What does it do?

Gratitude is a feeling…a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. There are many benefits to being grateful. When you are grateful for something, you chase out negative feelings and turn on those positive receptors in your body - you just feel better. You can benefit from higher alertness, elevated moods, more determination and motivation and even more energy - who doesn’t want that?

When you are in a state of gratefulness, you are able to see things more objectively and open to new opportunities. So how do you do it? Here’s what I have my clients do…

First thing in the morning, with your coffee, or brushing your teeth, just think of one thing you are grateful for. Some of you may have a difficult time even with that, but keep thinking until you find something you can be grateful for. Maybe it’s someone in your life. Maybe it’s your job, or your health. Or it may just be a pretty vase you have sitting on a shelf. Just choose something to be grateful for. Then, as you think about it, think about exactly what it is that you can appreciate about it. Imagine that you generate a positive feeling from within your heart or your chest and send that feeling out towards the object of your gratitude. Hold that feeling for a few moments and then just let it go.

There, you’ve done it. Start with this technique every morning, then begin to build it into your day. Look for things that you can be grateful for, and generate gratitude. I guarantee, the more you look for things to be grateful for, the more you will find them…and the more enjoyable your life will be.

Author's Bio: 

Author Tracey Burchard, Certified Hypnotist, Instructor and Life Coach helps clients in her office near Orlando, and has created a powerful series of self-improvement CDs using Emotive Visualization™, a mix of guided imagery, mental training and physical and emotional senses.

Tracey has helped clients through hypnosis and life coaching with issues like blocks to success, fears, weight loss, forgiveness, procrastination and much more.

Her CD and MP3 titles include Weight Loss, Prosperity, Success, Stress Management, Restore and Improve Health and more.

She offers a free newsletter and free downloadable MP3 on her website at www.bodymindhypnosis.com.