I was watching The Secret (again) a few weeks ago and a thought came to me that we can use the Law of Attraction for the good of the environment.

Law of Attraction teacher Lisa Nichols, who is featured in The Secret, says "In our society, we've become content with fighting against cancer, fighting against poverty, fighting against drugs, fighting against terrorism, fighting against violence. We tend to fight everything we don't want." This, she explains causes people to look at the things that they don't want and give just as much energy, if not more energy, to the problem, with the idea that they can stamp it out, eliminate and obliterate it. "How much sense does it make for us to give the problem all of the energy?" Instead, she says we can focus on the solution: trust, love, living in abundance, education, and peace. Doesn't that sound like a much happier place to live?

Self-styled "success coach" Jack Canfield elaborates on this concept. "You know the anti-war movement creates more war. The anti-drug movement has actually created more drugs. Because we're focusing on what we don't want: drugs. Mother Theresa was brilliant. She said 'I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me.' She knew...she understood The Secret. I mean look what she manifested in the world."

And then Hale Dwoskin of the life-changing Sedona Method brought it home. "So if you're anti-war, be pro-peace. If you're anti-hunger, be pro-people-having-more-than-enough-to-eat. If you're anti-a particular politician, be pro-his opponent. Often elections are tipped in favor of the person that people are really against, because he's getting all the energy and all the focus."

This information is a good reminder in the days running up to the American presidential election, too. We should keep our focus on the he or she that we want in office, not the one we want to go away. We can also claim our power to choose the one that champions the environment, and all that we want to see more of in the world, instead of focusing on the defeat of those we don't feel will bring us what we want.

If we apply all of this to making a difference with the environment, we will use the information that Al Gore has shared with us in his Inconvenient Truth as a way to shine the light on where our positive attention is needed. And instead of bemoaning our fate and blaming our predecessors, we can begin to appreciate the beauty of the icebergs and all that they offer our planet. We can learn to be grateful for all of the diversity in the lush rain forests around the earth and the ecosystems that flourish in coral reefs. And as our appreciation grows and spreads, not only will we create more of the good that has our focus, but others will grow to appreciate them as well.

As Lisa Nichols says, "Recognize the beautiful and wonderful things around you, and bless and praise them. Embrace everything that you want so you can get more of it!"

I, for one, am grateful for clean air and water, abundant greenery to help us breathe, wildlife that teaches us and helps us to balance our ecosystem and the awareness that we all have our own part to play in the gorgeous symphony of life.

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