We have all heard the signs that women give off to tell us that they want us to make a move on them, the lip nipple, the hair flick, the head tilt with a smile, etc. There are dozens of them that give off that signal. Well how about us? How can a man let a woman know that he is interested and get her attention so we are not barking up the wrong tree and end up making a spectacle of ourselves? The answer is in using your body language in flirting in a manner that will bring the prey into the lions den!

Here are a few lessons in body language that will have her taking the seat next to you in no time at all:

A natural sign of attraction is the raising of the eye brow. This is not just for women either, we do it for just about anything we see and like. The motion allows more light to come in and enhances our vision of what we are seeing. We do this because we want to see more of it. We naturally do this for nothing more than a split second so make sure she is paying attention when you look at her. Believe me, if she is interested in you, she will be looking for this sign that she has met your approval.

Have you ever heard the expression of picking your jaw up off the floor? This is another sign that you very much like what you see. You are so amazed by it that your lips naturally part and you look on in sheer amazement. This is a definite sign of approval, it is actually a sign she will look for.

When you are talking to a young lady and you think she is interested, you may want to fix your tie or brush off your coat. This will give here the impression that you are making sure that you look your very best because you are attracted to her and don't want to give off the look of being sloppy. This is a great example of how to use your body language in flirting.

If the conversation gets lively and she happens to look a little cold, you may want to offer her your coat or sweater. This is a bold move of ownership. She has something of yours on here and in your mind, that makes her belong to you. Imagine walking into the local bar where you are supposed to meet your girl and you see her wearing some knuckle head's coat. It will certainly make you jealous, as it will look to you that he has a sense of control over her. So if you offer her your coat, she knows you want her to be yours, more importantly if she accepts it on the first go around, she is more than likely interested.

We can give off a lot more signs while using your body language in flirting as men to let women know we are interested and they are pretty much all animalistic in nature, as we are all animals. While female body language is more sexual, ours is more about excitement and dominance. You will naturally give them off, you just need to control them a little better and make sure they are being seen.

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