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My dear readers: Although I talk about credit, credit repair, credit score, mortgage interest, financing and credit cards, so that you to become wiser and protect yourself, family and future. But allow this article to be a little different.
Let’s move away from Credit Repair, credit and money management, tax liability and other related issues.

This time, I decided to give you a little break by showing you some unique windows keys (few tricks), so that you could maneuver between your windows applications and documents a little easier, faster and WITHOUT reaching for your MOUSE each time. Some of us feel a lot better if we did not have to lift our hands from the keyboard. We got so used to using the keyboard that reaching for a mouse became troublesome for us. And “man created the SHORT-CUT keys.” Of course, God created the man who created the computer who created the keyboard and the mouse, etc.

First, allow me to give you a few hints in using these keys

I am certain you all know that keyboards have the repeat feature built-in. Meaning that if you press and hold down a letter, a number, or a Function key (F1 thru F12), the characteristic of that key will be repeated (except most Function keys).

In combination keys listed below, you MUST hold down the first key and then press the second key to get the characteristic you want. Hold the first key down and keep on pressing the second key to repeat the process. If the key combination consists of three keys, hold Key 1 and Key 2 then, press (ONCE) and release the third key. IF you want to repeat the process you have just taken then keep pressing the last key OR hold the last key down until you get the result you want.

Whenever I am talking about CTRL or SHIFT, if you hold this key down and repeatedly press on the combination key (the other key that performs a function within these two keys), you will be repeating the same function over and over.

Some of the Windows and combination keys will repeat also

For example:

Windows – E will repeat as long as you repeatedly pressed or held the E key while the Windows key is held down. This key combination will open a session of MY Computer showing you your storage devices (drives and main folders under the My Computer ikon.

CTRL (arrow to right) will move the cursor to the right (to the beginning of the next word). Now you hold the keys down and it will automatically repeat the process and your cursor will be moving fast toward the end of the line, sentence, paragraph or end of page.

SHFIT CTRL (left arrow) will highlight to the beginning of the previous word and hold the keys down it will automatically repeat the process as long as the three keys are held down

Windows key (located on the lower part of keyboard) pops up Start list of applications

Windows key- E opens My Computer/ Windows Explorer defaulting to My Computer

Window key- F opens Window’s Search from even while within any application

Window key-D minimizes or reopens all existing open Application (showing desktop)

Window key-M minimizes all open Application (showing desktop) can not use with the
“D” key interchangeably

Windows key-L allows login into another user’s name on the same computer (if the
computer has multi-user login)

F1 starts Help in any application you are working in.
F3 starts Find/Search (in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox)

Ctrl -S save the file current working (same location-Default location)

Ctrl-Insert copies the highlighted content to a buffer for copying/pasting elsewhere

Shift-Insert pastes content of buffer - pastes the content of CTRL-Insert or Shift-Del
Ctrl C Copies content after highlight

CTRL 1 gives you the checkmark symbol √

In any application:
Shift and Arrow key will highlight in the direction of the arrow

keep Shift key down & keep pressing Arrow to repeat the highlighting process.

Shift-Ctrl-Arrow will highlight one word at a time in the direction of arrow

CTRL A in ANY application highlights the entire page

In most textual applications, you can use

CTRL Arrow to move between words WITHOUT highlighting words.
CTRL Page UP or CTRL Page Down moves cursor to the beginning or end of a paragraph

In any application that allows font change, the following keys are effective

CTRL B Bolds the area highlighted (see highlighting above) (only text)

CTRL I makes your highlighted area Italic (see highlighting above) (Only Text)

CTRL U makes highlighted words Underlined (see highlighting above) (only Text)

CTRL –N will start a NEW application of the same application you are currently working with. Hold the keys down and you will be opening a lot of the same application. (be careful)

CTRL Page Down moves cursor to the next screen size in MOST applications
CTRL Page UP move cursor to the previous screen size up
CTRL Home cursor goes to the top of the document in that application
CTRL End cursor goes to the end of the document in that application
Or that you can hold the mouse down forever in order to scroll up or down
to get the same result

ALT & a number gives you a character
ALT and the underlined letter of a Menu item or command letter performs that Task e.g. Alt-F will pull down your File menu

ALT-Tab moves between open tasks

CTRL-ALT-DEL (the three-fingered salute-Mother of windows functions)

Knowing some of all these keys will practically keep your hands on the keyboard most to all times and does not require you to move your hand back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse.

There are so much more. Try learning some of your own. Save ALL your work first before testing new things.

I hope you enjoy these key strokes.

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Mike Samadi

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