the False Intimacy of Online Dating

online dating really what we think it is?

Everything moves so fast in today’s
world, and dating is no exception. Online dating in particular sends
a “fasten your seatbelts, folks!” message to anyone
caught in the whirlwind of soul mate searching in the 21st
century. Are men and women seriously finding soul mates, or simply peddling
themselves shamelessly in what has become the most effective distribution
system for finding love imaginable?

Online daters construct ads that are aggressive,
clever, self-actualized, and crafty… but what impact does all this top-notch
marketing have on the human interactions that will result? Now that
you have offered your goods so effectively before meeting, can there
be any room for the real, flawed, fragile human behind the ad?

Are we creating reality or pure
By the time prospective daters are ready to meet,
they not only know name, age, hometown, but also favorite color, foods
and sexual positions. We are essentially creating a marketing blitz followed
by frisky, flirtatious instant messaging, emails, past midnight phone
conversations and phone sex. Is it possible not to be disappointed
with the real thing?

John Gray’s book Mars and Venus
on a Date
cautions that the alchemy of creating a loving relationship
is a very delicate balance and must be undertaken gradually and in stages.
There are five distinct dating stages, and moving through these stages
in sequence ensures that we get the opportunity to fully know someone
and experience the best of that person before getting married.

The best approach to online dating is
to spend just enough time online to do some screening, then meet in
person. Consider online dating as if you were meeting and greeting in
Stage One (Attraction). The online daters we have talked to who end
up meeting their soul mate are the ones who have used this method exclusively
and effectively. These men and women do a lot of window shopping. If
there is no spark on the first date, they do not go out again with that
person; instead, they move on to another online hopeful.

Without meeting in person, online daters
who are quick to fall in love can fall in love in stage one and feel
ready to fly off to Vegas to get married within a few weeks. Skipping
from Stage One to Stage Four (Intimacy) or Five (Engagement) is problematic
for real-time daters. Imagine for online daters that this is somewhat
akin to reading a book and loving it but then seeing the movie and being

Meeting sooner rather than later
in this dating round-robin is the only way to avoid certain disappointment
and make a qualified decision about pursuing a potential partner. The
appropriate response for anyone who falls in love in Stage One is to
stay in Stage One and restrain yourself from reacting and responding
to your partner in a manner that would be automatic in Stage Five.

The beauty of email and instant
messaging is that we have no annoying little habits. The danger
of email and instant messaging for online daters is that we have no
annoying little habits! We can flirt and be clever and charming beyond
belief, and in the end only be giving ourselves a false sense of security
that a relationship will actually work out. All relationships must pass
the test of time. By slowly and cautiously navigating the five stages
of dating – in person – we can minimize the illusions perpetuated by
online dating expectations.

Trying to understand the opposite sex
can be a huge challenge. At times it really does feel like he's from
Mars, and she's from Venus. But dating in this technological age has
become much more complicated than it used to be. Many of the Ask
Mars Venus Coaches
have wondered whether we are better off in relationships
now that we can date via our computers instead of face to face? We talk
to clients every day who share stories of meeting their partner while
surfing the web in their pajamas! The convenience of online dating means
that we don't even need deodorant or to shave to appeal to those looking.
Is that a good thing?

We're really not sure, but what we do
know is that many people develop deep and intimate relationships with
strangers... and then have the expectation that they are in a genuine
"relationship." Even online meetings still have to navigate
the 5 stages of dating, and the first stage is attraction, not IM'ing.
Now, of course, many people find love online, but it requires a level
head and a lot of surfing... and a bit of luck. The trick here is to
learn how to figure out who on the web is "for-real" and who
is not really who they say they are. That's what we do. Mars
Venus Coaches
can help you to decipher your date's profile, and
their intentions.

Good relationships require similar values and plans. Are you both really
ready for the same thing? How well has your date healed from their past
relationships, and are they really who they say they are? We can help
you figure this out, and most importantly work with you to be sure that
you are attracting "like-minded" people to your life. Ultimately,
the hope is to attract someone who is looking for the same thing you
are, regardless what that is. The last thing you want to do is meet
the perfect someone who would be great for you in a few years!

If you have ever thought that you were
wasting your time surfing the web for love, chances are you have. But
the waste may have been that you didn't know how to screen potential
dates for their intentions well enough, and you ended up dating the
wrong people. Give us a try, and in a few minutes we can begin to set
you on the path to finding your match. To
learn more about Mars Venus coaching click here.

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