Throughout the world, people everywhere are making great effort to align mind, body and soul. Through this, many discover moments of profound unhappiness that lead to disconnecting from loved ones, their established communities and even careers.

How does the commercial world react to the exodus of talent leaving the workforce in droves for proverbial greener grasses? We beef up benefits packages, enhance educational opportunities and even engage in expensive retreats to create cohesiveness within corporate teams.

What if the problem isn’t the talent leaving? What if the problem is hidden so deeply, we can’t see it to know it is even there? What if the real crux of the revolving door of quality and leadership is based in a conflict buried in the foundation of life itself?

Vibration is the movement that creates and dissipates matter. It is a theory, a philosophy and a truth. No science has proven vibration of thoughts and feelings create outcomes. It is a belief system that we are now coming to understand more of through the philosophies of positive thinking, mantras, meditations and more. Yet, here we are with the basic scientific fact that everything is in constant vibration.

To apply vibrational understanding to the workplace, it necessary to recognize that conflict begins at the level of vibration long before it is experienced. Once understood, one can manage the quality of life they live and flow within their business. As with the individual, a business has the ability to align itself in mind-body-soul.

This begs the question, why would we apply understanding of vibration to the workplace? Vibration is the underlying truth of life and the basis of the law of attraction – like attracts like. If our employees are sick or in conflict; if our machinery breaks down and product lines suffer mishaps; if our talent is leaving and the quality of the workforce gene pool seems to be waning – all of these have the common denominator of vibration.

In the world of vibration, what is in front of us isn’t what it means and what it means isn’t in front of us. In other words, conflict, mishap and quality attracted to our businesses in the form of personnel, customers, vendors and reputations does not begin with the situation that erupts, the leaded paint brushed on children’s toys or that key person walking out the door. These are simply physical manifestations of vibrations that began misaligning long before they surfaced into a visible action or notice.

As business leaders, we go to great lengths protecting the bottom line to ensure growth and prosperity. In our efforts of creating organizational strength, we often encounter the same difficulties throughout the years. Perhaps our endeavors are misdirected. Perhaps we are looking for correction through the wrong avenues. Perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper into the internal structures of what we have created in our businesses. There are unseen worlds lurking in between the invisible cracks of our commercial foundations.

Vibration exists in the workplace. It is not a theory or a philosophy. It is a truth. As in all unspoken truths, vibration is your biggest supporter or the gravest of enemies. How each individual business deals with vibration becomes your theory and what results becomes your philosophy. Vibration exists. It is bubbling below the surface. Vibration is the controlling factor of situations, personnel and the bottom line.

While individuals around the world are creating mind-body-soul alignments in their personal lives, they are leaving their positions simply because they no longer align with the work environment they have existed in for so long. The increase of people seeking better lives has left the commercial world in a tailspin looking for quality talent who will stay. Often, the exiting skills become our competition.

How do we stop this mass movement of change without twisting business into a carnival of events and benefits invented to keep people happy? When do we stabilize so that we can get on with the business of doing business? In the light of our genius taking itself to create our competition, perhaps it is time business takes a look at the deeper issues within the unseen worlds of vibration. This is, after all, what the individual is doing when we look to create that internal alignment of mind-body-soul.

For business, there is also a mind-body-soul. Its alignment or misalignment works with the law of attraction to create the dynamics of your business in prosperity or difficulty. It is in the alignment of intent and purpose (mind) with the static detail of internal structures (body) with the blend of the human factor (soul) at the level of vibration that shores up the foundation upon which your business stands.

Vibration – theory, philosophy or truth. While considered a new thought, the esoteric businessperson has been entertaining it for decades. They already understand vibrational alignment and hidden worlds. They are your competition and they are on the cutting edge of greatness in our global world.

Before long, the world of vibration will no longer be considered unworthy of attention. Before long, the understanding of our hidden worlds will become more sought after than that which is seen. It is in the world of vibration that success is created or destroyed.

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Internationally published author of the book “An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary”, Ruth Evelyn hosts the radio show “Living in Center Balance” on Aware Talk Radio, which is heard through on Tuesdays at 3:00 PST. Through her business, SoulWorks LLC, Ruth coaches individuals and business owners in the understanding of vibration within the internal structures of both the body and business to create wholeness and whole environments that align with the evolving higher conscious human. For more information or to contact Ruth Evelyn, please visit