Now that I have your attention, allow me to explain why I know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that our choices and decisions either make or break our true destiny and purpose in God. If you are not where you want to be, there is still hope for you. My purpose is to exhort women leaders and others to empower themselves with the word of God. And to choose love as a lifestyle to transform mere victims and survivors into world over-comers, in Christ.

At age four (4), I was told that I would never amount to anything. I was constantly, yelled at, called bad names (little Ho) or cursed. By age five (5), I was introduced to pornography and molested. By the time I had reached my 43rd birthday, I had been abused: sexually, emotionally, verbally, socially, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially and damaged beyond reason.Incest, sodomy, rape, witchcraft, lies, deception and seduction were things that I had suppressed and buried for so many years. The hurt was so deep because it was done by: (family members, neighbors, co-workers, health professionals, friends, ministers of the gospel, cousins, visitors, associates and strangers).

I had become a Professional Victim that (unknowingly) attracted Predators (evil merciless demonic spirits). And I was clueless of how or why I was still a target; even though I was saved and Spirit-filled. I felt as though I was an easy target on some demon hit list. No one I turned to for help could truly help me. Instead they judged me; singled me out and labeled me. Leadership told me that I was a waste of God's time. Worthless! Lazy! No Good! Some of the very same words I had been called since childhood.

I wanted to take my life...but God, Who gives life, offered me a way of escape! I took it! It was not a quick fix. I had to learn how to trust and respond to True Love. It was New to me. I was determined to seek after, chase...if you will, hard after God. A change had to happen in my life. It had to happen! I went before God and waited until He spoke to me.

My complete spiritual healing occurred when I focused on His Kingdom and His Righteousness, First. I put everything aside...EVERYTHING, and became attentive to what was important to Him. You cannot "con" God! He knows everything, even our thoughts! I connected to His Heart (Not His Hand), and received a Spiritual DNA Transfusion! Life now has new meaning and purpose! Fear has no more hold over me. God began to send Mentors, Coaches, Leaders with integrity and character my way. Men and Women who are anointed and on Fire! Now I have spiritual parents who love me. The image of myself is clear and based on God's character and what he has spoken in his word. Like me, you, too, can be set fre.e by the power of God's love.

So, I am talking to you as one who has been through and seen it all. In the midst of a mess, God will deliver you. I have taken off all the masks! Praise God! The ability to Choose Love has given me the power to believe God by faith, over the lies of the enemy that were spoken through my accusers and abusers. Now what about you, ha! Let's hear your story. Help is available for you and your loved ones. It is possible to live in God's freedom everyday. I am living proof!

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Author's Bio: 

Nikki Jourdan exhorts abused, wounded and broken women leaders (in ministry or church organizations). Her down to earth style of teaching biblical principles help embrace, educate and empower victims and survivors to choose love to begin the healing process. Love never fails. She is a contemporary inspirationl writer and speaker of lifestyle change.