Have you ever sat in wonder of the miraculous Universe we live in? Gazed up at the sky on a starry night wondering how it all unfolds so effortlessly? Watched the plants in your garden break ground, sprout and blossom, bringing beauty to your world? Noticed serendipitous events unfold in your life that make you say ‘yes!’?

As we move through our busy day, it’s easy to let the little miracles slip by unnoticed and take for granted the wonders of the world. Yet when we slow down enough to see, take in and experience the many aspects of life around us, we settle into the present moment and move into a state of awe and wonder. This simple state can bring about feelings of bliss, peace and joy, erasing any tension, stress or discomfort we may have felt moments before.

From this elevated state of being, we automatically connect to our higher selves and flow through life with a broader, deeper and more loving perspective. Imagine how full of wonder your life would be from this place.

Reflect on these questions to gain personal insights:

* How often do you take time to appreciate the wonders of the world around you – watch the sun rise or set, notice how flowers intermingle in a garden, feel a breeze blowing across your face, look at the size of a raindrop, follow a butterfly through your garden and so on?

* How do you feel when you take time to be with your environment and the miracles within it? What does it feel like to be in a state of wonder?

* What gets in the way of being present with your environment or of being in a state of wonder? What would it take to be more present and notice the wonders around you?

Try these inspiring ideas to open yourself to wonder:

* Take some time today to either go out into nature or to look out your window at nature and notice what’s going on. Look at the colors, watch the movements, notice the difference between trees, leaves, plants, flowers and so on. If you can, go and touch, smell and listen to the things you are looking at.

* Reflect over the serendipitous events of your life which brought things perfectly into alignment for you, or pleasantly surprised you, or made some sort of positive impact. Feel the wonder associated with each of those experiences.

* Wonder is a state we can be in whenever we choose. Tune into that state right now and let it flow through your whole being. Notice how you feel, what your thoughts are like and how your attitude is in this state. Choose to be in this state as often as you like.

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." -- Buddha

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach, Writer & Spritual Teacher. Gini uses a powerful blend of coaching, counselling and spiritual energy awareness tools in her coaching, writing and teaching. She is the author of the book, From Chaos to Calm, and the CD, Create What You Want in Your Life. For more information or to receive a monthly complimentary "Insights & Inspiration" article, ginigrey.com.