Elite athletes, business people and leaders all use visualization to succeed. In fact, everyone has probably used visualization or guided imagery in their business and personal lives at one point or another.

So, what is it? Visualization is practicing or previewing your future performance by imagining what you will be experiencing and sensing with all of your senses (not just your vision). This will allow you to replay over and over what might happen when you succeed and how you will manage when you run into difficulty. An example in business is the process that you use just before you call a client. Many people will play out in their head what they say and then how the client responds. This is a shorter example of visualization.

To start, you need to be in an environment that will not distract you from your visualization. Then, in your mind, you go through the experience that you are preparing for. For a marathon runner, they may start with how they are going to get to the event and then prepare for the event. This will be followed by how they get set at the start line and then what they are going to do for each of the 42 plus kilometers. And, finally, they will visualize how they cross the finish line and then how they celebrate.

Visualization is important because it allows you to practise the execution of a skill or performance. It also allows the practice to be in a safe, inexpensive, and controlled environment - your mind. And, it allows you to practise for events that may not be easily simulated. The correct mindset is created as you "see" the possibility that you will be successful. It allows you to be more prepared for the stress involved with trying something for the first time since it doesn't seem so new. Visualization also helps to create more focus both during practice and the event itself. And, finally, it allows you to be more relaxed before, during, and after the event because your mind understands that you are prepared.

In short, with visualization, when you need to perform you are in the right "groove". That's what any elite performer wants whether they are an athlete, business person, parent... anyone. When you are in your "groove", you are not only performing at your best but you are also enjoying the experience. You are on top of the world. You know that feeling don't you!

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