The developments in the VoIP industry are taking place at regular intervals. And many small and medium businesses can now make the most of the emerging opportunities in this domain and become VoIP providers. As a matter of fact, it makes perfect business sense for them to add voice over IP to their assortment of services. They can deliver these services to their existing base of customers and gain in the process.

Special expertise or skill sets are not required to become a VoIP provider. The risks involved are also minimal. In addition, there are more than one way to deal with the competition. The potential clients can, for instance, make the most of the special reseller programs that are on offer by several Tier 1 Carriers. The small and medium establishments can make the most of these programs and offer specialized IP telephony services to their customers.

The clients wishing to enter the domain of voice over IP can redistribute airtime that they lease out from higher level VoIP providers. The back end of the businesses are also taken care of at the provider's end and there are absolutely no hassles involved. The clients can concentrate on marketing their services; they can go to the extent of building their own brand names. Many a VoIP service provider also offer training and support services that enable the new resellers to service their clients in a better manner.

A client, wanting to become a VoIP provider, would however need to make some investment on hardware and software before it can see the returns on its investment. There are several companies that are offering very attractive reseller packages and the potential users can pick and choose depending on their specific requirements.

The UK VoIP providers, like their counterparts in other regions of the globe, are paying particular attention to the marketing of their services within their customer base. They could go for sms marketing or email marketing and reach the target users with the maximum impact. The corporate sites could also contain the announcement regarding the launch of these very tempting services – a fact that is sure to garner a lot of attention and generate a lot in terms of sales.

The businesses wishing to make their mark in this domain must realize one important fact. They should understand that a majority of the population in the world is not yet ready to replace their existing telephone lines with a voice over IP connection. They are however, more than willing to try out the services, along with the traditional means of telephony. More tech-savvy users are going in for the change and making the most of all the innovative services and value-added benefits that this service has to offer. Given this backdrop, there is more than ample scope for a VoIP service provider to deliver its sales pitch and be sure of a very positive response towards the same.

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Kristen Kiya is an Expert Author in Telecom Industry and write articles on VoIP technology.