God works in mysterious ways. I was chosen for a reason to live when there were many times in my life, my life was spared from death at that particular time. Through these very true life experiences of God's miracles and angel contact you will see a definite pattern to God's plan for my life. I am to be a spiritual leader, a beacon of light using my gifts/abilities, experience, and many fields of expertise both in the spiritual/psychic world and in the professional business world with wisdom, understanding and responsibility and in so doing using my special gifts to make a difference. It wasn't until the terrorist attacks on America that I finally realized why I had been chosen and given these expanded gifts and the many angel experiences with miracles that helped me to this particular time in my life. I was the only psychic given the true connection in psychic gifts, with my high integrity, ethics and established credibility/accuracy by God's miracle to use my gifts, ancient wisdom and knowledge to protect and server our country as well as being a true spiritual leader and beacon of light guiding others to use their gifts with a difference.

When I look back at all I went through being raised from a very poor family born and raised in Iowa, having very little in our lives and the dreams, goals and hard work of many years of a career in law and psychology with many other fields of expertise being highly educated on this path I was taking suddenly with the accidents on the job at the law firm I worked at, injuring my spine severely and damaging my uterus severely, changing my life totally and changing its course, I see this was God's plan all along. I had been chosen to work behind the scenes and in the front scenes in protection of our country and to move our country into the 21's century, to a new era of understanding, wisdom and responsibility. God wanted me to be a spiritual leader with my gifts to bring others to a better understanding not just that we are all gifted and blessed by God, but that we have a responsibility to ourselves to use them wisely making a difference. I was given the gift of sight in national security and the protection of our country for a reason.

I had seen God, His glory, His Angles, Mary and His Son Jesus in my near death experiences. I was to be shown, recognize and utilize my gifts, and insights in order to see and recognize the anti-Christ and protect our country against such actions of aggression that killed its citizens. I was given insights, and visions of the path our nation and its people were to take, and I was to use this information with wisdom, understanding and responsibility leading others to the same path and in the use of their gifts. I was chosen to bring forth the change in image and stigma associated with psychics, their integrity, work they do and yet so much more. I was to be an example in my life, that even when it becomes the darkest hour, and you feel that you have been forsaken, God is there shining His light. Even though the individuals that refused to take responsibility for my accidents as a business decision that would have compensated me in multi millions of dollars, didn't choose the right and honest path of God in being truthful and not covering up this very situation, or having other peers, friends and associates help them, I still believe that God will reach them and touch their hearts, helping them to humbly and fully understand their actions, and the damage it caused spiritually and financially not only to my life but the many other lives that was touched by this situation.

I fell through the cracks of the system, and no one would help. I want everyone to know the truth and for my integrity, honesty and very being be righted with the correction of this situation not only in telling the truth, and clearing my name, but in the financial responsibility in their decision of covering up these accidents with the help of others, not getting me immediate medical attention, nor filing workers compensation to help in payment of medical bills, loss of job, career loss, mobility loss, family loss, and so on. I was a mother raising and caring for 3 small children by myself. I was dumped and tossed by the wayside to protect them from being required to accept financial responsibility and assist due to negligence, and faulty equipment.

I still see in visions and expect to this day even after all this time a large compensation financially and spiritually in the open that will clear my name and impugn integrity as well as the financial compensation for everything my family, kids, and I were put through from 1989 and for future years compensation, all paid in one lump sum. This is not being vindictive or revenge, but compensation for lost life, career, lost family, and impugned integrity that I was lying and trying to shake them down, faking it all.

God does work in mysterious ways and I know that this will come about, when it is fully brought out into the open that I truly walk the path of God and Jesus to be a spiritual leader and a beacon of light, using my ancient knowledge combined with my current professional, business and political expertise to help guide and direct us all over that bridge to the new world in the 21st century where discrimination, and prejudice as well as economic strife are no more. That black, white, Moslem, gay, psychic, and all the others can work together to bring about the visions I have been shown of our future. That psychics that use their gifts to make a difference and combine their expertise in the professional, business and political world will be taken seriously and used to help advance our world to the next stage. That I will be able to establish a school with the help of our government to teach and direct others who wish to use their gifts to make a difference so they can be accepted, respected and used as I am. These are only a few a the visions I have been shown that I have listed here. And so it begins.......

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Rose Ann Schwab is the top world renowned clairvoyant psychic medium world wide. She has had near death experiences,over 50 years experience,and is a genuine psychic with accuracy in visions of 95%. If you are interested in having a session with Rose Ann Schwab you can contact her at http://www.worldrenownedclairvoyantpsychicmediumroseschwab.com