Most people are aware of the benefits of meditation, yet MOST people DO NOT have a regular meditation practice.

The biggest obstacle to developing a regular meditation practice is TIME. People say they don't have enough time to meditate.

Yet did you know the average American waits 42-60 minutes a day?

We wait on hold on the phone, for computer programs to download. We wait in line at the store and at the bank. We wait for appointments.

Well what if that waiting time could be converted into meditating time?

Take the Don't Wait-Meditate (TM) pledge and agree to convert your waiting time into meditating time.

When you're waiting in line, take a few minutes to notice your breath. When you're waiting for an appointment, take a moment to notice the aliveness inside your body.

Waiting rooms across the country are turning their waiting rooms into meditating rooms as part of the natiional Don't Wait-Meditate (TM) campaign.

If each person started by converting their waiting time into meditating time, they'd have a regular meditation practice!

So commit to Don't Wait-Meditate (TM)!

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Author's Bio: 

Lisa Hepner is the creator of the Meditation Challenge and the Don't Wait-Meditate(TM) campaign.