Do you know the old saying, If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy? Well my body woke me up this morning giving me a more personal saying: If your body ain’t happy you ain’t gonna be happy and we’re letting you know right now, we’re not happy with you. We are sick and tired of the way you take care of us. We love you, we support you, and right now we need your help to bring peace and balance into this body.

The first part of me that spoke out individually was my feet. They were hurting and said it was because they had the whole load of my body on top of them. Yes we were made to carry the weight of your body, only not all of the woes and cares of the whole world. Taking care of your grown children, dealing with the ups and downs of your relationship with your husband, and the burdens of all your guilts, fears, stuffed anger and on and on, really beat us down.

The second part of me that spoke up was my mind while I was driving in the car that morning. Of course, as so often happens when I’m in the car, I became frustrated by someone else going too slow and passed them, only to be held up by someone else going too slow in the passing lane. I was cursing inside of me and getting so angry at the other drivers on the road. I was stopped by my mind shouting out to me to stop the madness. I was told I am putting every part of me through all this turmoil and possible danger for what amounts to seconds, not hours or even minutes of time.

Soon my back started complaining about the load it constantly carries. It was telling me it feels like its a million years old instead of 66 years old. It seemed to be crying and giving up on me.

The next to speak up were my legs. They told me they were mired down in all the garbage and s--- of my knee jerk reactions to the outer world. They have to deal with my running back and forth in confusion and unexpected outbursts of anger. They feel like they are flopping all around like a chicken with its head cut off.

My mind jumped in with complaints about my inner world. The mind told me that dealing with my inner world is unreal. The muddled thoughts and chaotic emotions are too much to handle. When I can’t focus and feel like I’m crazy the mind is stuck with figuring out how to deal with it.

My heart burst in with the fact that it felt like it was breaking from me constantly beating myself up verbally and physically. It is saddened by the abuse I inflict on myself. It aches for me when it experiences my feelings of unworthiness, anger at myself for being stupid and general mistrust of my abilities. When I physically hurt myself by accidentally running into walls, biting my tongue, or stubbing the toes my heart closes down to protect me.

The eyes joined in saying they are so tired of trying to keep me focused so I can see what is going on around me. It is a strain on them trying to get me to see the light instead of the dark. They feel so limited when I keep focused on the small picture.

My arms and hands complained that they have to try to type, write, wash dishes and many other jobs as fast as possible because I always feel like I have to get things done in a hurry so I can rush on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing.

We just want to rest and refresh occasionally. We want some softness and love. Yes you try to do your best. At this point though, with all the of the 3d world things you are trying to mange, there isn’t enough time for you to take care of us. We can’t keep up with you. How about slowing down and waiting for us? Not just waiting for us, actually enjoying us. There is so much to enjoy and appreciate about us, collectively and individually. Give us a chance to steer for a while and see how much easier it will be for you. And how much more love, beauty and joy you will experience.

So this afternoon I took time to snuggle in bed with some soft pillows and covers and allowed my body to relax. We had a little talk and I made a contract to spend some time each day with whatever body part needed some time and attention. My eyes were the first to speak up and ask for time tomorrow. I already feel more relaxed and in touch with myself than when I woke up this morning and am looking forward to where this journey will lead me.

Maybe your body is calling you. Maybe you are experiencing headaches or backaches. Maybe you are feeling really depressed and weary. Some of you may have intense physical or emotional pain. Perhaps if you give your body some time and attention, you may just find yourself more peaceful and balanced. A little more love and connection to your body just might help alleviate the stress and pain.

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a massage, listen to some relaxing music, and bring more softness and balance into your life. Cuddle up some afternoon with a good book in a comfortable spot and let your body have some peace and quiet. Instead of turning to an outer doctor or pill, you may find it very beneficial to tune in to the inner doctor. This doctor is the one who knows you and your problems the best, THE WISE ONE, your very own body. It know how to rebalance if you give it the chance.

Loved and Rainbows to you and your beautiful body.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Campbell is a Spiritual Intuitive/Psychic. She consciously walks her path and is committed to bringing forth information that will empower others to reach their highest potential.

She offers Soul Calling Intuitive Readings that give people the next step on their soul path and provides them with tools to accomplish that next step. Joan also facilitates Soul Calling Intensives-DNA Repatterning and receives information about how past lives and ancestral history relate to your soul’s calling and clears out past-life and ancestral memories that keep you stuck or in confusion.

She is the Author of The Synergistic Energy Connection and Journey Back in Time with Jesus, Walking through the Chaos and Confusion. Her books which include CDS are available on her website Also available are two guided imagery CDs: The Rainbow Swirl and the Golden Seed.

She has created original workshops that help people empower themselves and bring peace and balance into their lives. These workshops help people improve the quality of their lives by taking responsibility for their own wellbeing, energy, and happiness.

The ultimate goal of my work is to provide tools to help people heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone, no matter what their level of conscious living is, can use what I teach and offer.

Joan is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch practitioner and ordained in the Order of Melchizedek.